Horoscope for October 2017 Pisces

In the third decade of October 2017, Pisces will have many brilliant ideas, with which it will be necessary to acquaint all who could help in their implementation. Try not to postpone decisions and accomplishments, so that later on you do not suddenly stop at the last moment and do not disrupt the time. Do not delegate your own authority to any of your colleagues. They will not fulfill them as you will. Avoid credit relations with banks, they will be on conditions that are not entirely favorable for you. If it concerns investment or opening of a deposit account, then it is better to consider this issue at the end of October. The situation will not develop the way you want, but in your hands do everything to make the circumstances work for you. Pisces in the third decade will need to deal with all the accumulated cases, so as not to spoil the everyday problems of relations with a loved one. In general, the relationship will be very positive. You are loved, and you are loved. Try to spend more time together and more often on people. Family representatives of your Zodiac star sign, influenced by the aspects of Venus, are advised to please their partner with a pleasant surprise in the form of a romantic dinner or tickets for a concert of your favorite artist.

Horoscope for October 2017 Capricorn

In the third decade of October 2017, under the influence of Venus, Capricorns are waiting for a romantic period in the relationship. Representatives of your Zodiac sign will radiate an incredible attraction and mystery, thanks to which your loved ones will try their best to do something pleasant for you, surprise them and put them to you. By their actions, the companions of Capricorns will become excellent sources of inspiration, strength and energy. The home will be the place for Capricorns, where they will always be listened to, understood and supported where they can rest from all affairs and fuss, gain strength for further achievements. Lonely representatives of your Zodiac sign should be attentive to their surroundings. Someone who has been around all this time loves you for a long time. End of October will give Capricorn many opportunities. You should only learn to control the situation and keep your emotions to yourself. Have a rest and get enough sleep. The best make-up is a healthy and sound sleep.

Horoscope for October 2017 Sagittarius

The third decade of October 2017 will be especially successful for representatives of creative professions, as a flight of fantasy and dreaminess will fill them with inspiration and fresh ideas. The stars advise you to be cautious and not to believe every word you say, unless it is supplemented by facts or deeds. Words are only words. Believe only what you see, not what you hear, even if you hear exactly what you wanted. In this final period of the month, many Sagittarians are expecting a great offer, agreeing to a chance to take a managerial position or open their own business. In a relationship with a loved one, Sagittarius will fall into place. Sagittarians will receive answers to many questions that have long been of concern to them. Those of you who have doubted the sincerity and authenticity of your partner's feelings will be convinced that they are truly desired and loved. And those who have long thought of legalizing their relationship, but always stopping something, will make a final decision. Perhaps someone will want to fool you or lie to you, and you will suddenly learn about it, do not be upset and upset, because it is purely out of good intentions. Your loved ones wish you only good and prosperity, so any of your suspicions of their dishonesty and insincerity will be groundless. Lonely Sagittarius, influenced by the aspects of Mars and Venus, at the end of October, fate will present an occasion through which they will experience real and deep feelings.

Horoscope for October 2017 Libra

Libra does not strive to link its destiny with any person. They just do not oppress loneliness. They feel great in the company, where all the friends gathered in pairs, and Libra appeared there alone. They do not experience any discomfort. Representatives of your Zodiac sign very carefully and for a long time choose their partner in life, and are rarely mistaken with a choice. This is your big plus. But in the third decade of October 2017, at the very end of the month, under the influence of the aspects of Venus, many Libra will experience a sense of attachment and devotion to the person from their environment. There is a high probability that this circumstance will become the starting point for the creation of a new cell of society. Be attentive to your own feelings and feelings. Family representatives of your Zodiac sign are waiting for a lot of pleasant moments, held in the company of their second half and close friends. The relationship will be beautiful. Pay attention to your wardrobe, it may be time to change something, so that your outfit is always appropriate. Libra is freedom-loving, therefore native and loving people may lack attention on your part. Try to spend more time with your family.