Horoscope June 2019 Taurus

The second decade of June 2019 for Taurus, under the favorable influence of planetary aspects, will be even more dynamic and successful period of the first summer month. Now topical ideas will give the first shoots, but do not focus financial assets in your hands, let them work. The middle of the month is optimal for investments, not savings. If you are not sure - do not waste time, ask for help and you will be given good advice. If controversial situations arise within a family hearth, do not change sides because of one personal sympathy. Now you should not try to reconcile opposing positions, it is better to help one of them and resolve the conflict as quickly as possible. On the love front, you also need a kind of blitzkrieg, a small victorious war, in which you will act aggressively and without further reasoning. But if you doubt yourself, you better retreat, this is not the time for half measures.


The third decade of June 2019 representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Taurus will provide the opportunity to fully unleash their creative potential. The end of the month is especially good for writers, artists, speakers. If possible, it is advisable for athletes to schedule competitions for this period, since the astrological situation indicates the peak of physical activity. This is a great time for treatment, so if there is such a need - do not postpone it. Pay attention to representatives of the older generation during this period, and be surprised at how much you can learn. Look for everyday wisdom, do not lift your head too high, otherwise stumble and fall. For single Taurus, time is ideal in terms of decisive steps. Families of your zodiac sign are recommended to come to a compromise and plan something bright and massive. The month will end with a positive event, and you may well become its initiator. This is the time of activation of internal reserves, it does not tolerate delay or calculations of only half the power.

Horoscope for Aries

The second decade of June 2019 for Aries is especially important in terms of financial success. If you have your own business, the stars recommend turning to the experience of the past. Focus not only on allies, but also on competitors. The period is good for sudden decisions and aggressive policies. In terms of working with staff, be fair and do not allow familiarity. If there is an opportunity to expand - grab it and try to use it as quickly as possible, then the time will not be on your side. If you work in a company, the middle of the month will help deal with incomprehensible situations and explain them to your colleagues. If you have to - take the position of the unspoken leader, but do not let go of all the brakes, you now have the real power and no less real opportunity to change the world for the better. The middle of the month is successful enough for a change of specialization or advanced training. But towards the end of the month, change priorities.


The third decade of June 2019 will force representatives of the Zodiac sign Aries to take a fresh look at the most simple things. You suddenly realize what was wrong before and how to use it for your own good. The end of the month is good for starting a new business or expanding an existing business. Do not neglect the opportunity to meet interesting people, get out of the office more often. As for those who work in the organization, but now you will manage the circumstances and do not hesitate to use the new features. Possible spontaneous emergence of alternative sources of income, short-term, but impressive in volume. On the love front, do not doubt yourself and move to the goal on the most direct and short path. You, dear Aries, will not have opponents with whom you will not be able to cope.

Horoscope for 2019 Aries

So, here is a detailed horoscope for Aries for 2019. Representatives of this sign in the zodiacal circle are distinguished by an enviable purposefulness. They always know what they want and will pass any tests to achieve what they want.


Aries are very respectful of equality and justice. They seek them not only in relation to themselves, but also require this attitude towards other people. They are by nature optimists, and because of this they are able to overcome the most difficult situations. Aries, like balm, needs praise and approval of their actions. They especially need and want to hear it from the closest.


Representatives of the weaker sex who were born under the sign of Aries, is distinguished by a strong character, compensated by natural female softness. Men, mainly because of their firm position, achieve great heights. But this is possible only when his home expects peace and care. Let's look at the horoscope for 2019, and see what Aries will get in the coming year.


What awaits people, under the sign of the zodiac Aries in 2019

2019 is the year of the Dog. He will meet Aries cordially, investing in their heads a lot of interesting and colorful ideas, but at the same time, he will insist on their quick implementation. Aries will be guaranteed success if they can abstract from minor troubles and losing ideas, thereby maximizing their focus on profitable projects. To make this possible, representatives of this sign need to become open and reduce the number of secrets from the person they trust.


In the spring, Aries' head turns from the smell of romance that will be in the air. This will make the work of secondary importance in their lives. But, astrologers strongly recommend to observe harmony and balance between love affairs and work. At the end of spring, the stars speak of a distant long trip.


Summer promises representatives of this sign an impressive financial embezzlement. It is necessary to be judicious and rational, not yielding to impulsive desires to make a major purchase or investment of money.


The autumn period will be very difficult in the life of Aries. Sharp sayings and rash spontaneous phrases can deprive them of a career. It is worth very carefully choose the environment and carefully follow the words, so as not to earn a lot of trouble.


The winter period will be a time when all problems are gradually resolved. Aries can stay with losses, but their size will not be significant. A loved one will help to cope with any problems and troubles so it is very important to be open and not to hide anything from your second half.


Aries-men's horoscope for 2019

The horoscope for Aries men for the Year of the Dog will be quite interesting. The dog has prepared for the men born under the sign of Aries a lot of obstacles and problems, but they are all aimed at the fulfillment of an old dream, which, perhaps, was already forgotten. In the summer you should pay attention to your well-being and put your nerves in order, as excessive irritability and incontinence will constantly prevent you from reaching an understanding with the people around you.


It is worth thinking about a full vacation, which abstracts Aries from all problems and will make an emotional discharge. Astrologers recommend taking some time for themselves and their desires.


Autumn contributes to the personal development of Aries and their growth in the sphere of career. If you feel that you need to change something and move on, this period will be very favorable for such a step. Entrepreneurs should pay attention to expanding their business. The stars will accompany any desire to become better. The main thing is to use all the opportunities and chances given to you, because, as astrologers say, the second time such an opportunity may not appear soon. Aries should try to repay debts on the loan or to relatives, if there are such, since 2019 will be very favorable for this.


Aries-female horoscope for 2019

For women born under the sign of Aries, at the very beginning of 2019, the Dog prepared a huge number of cardinal changes. To make them as painless and pleasant as possible, you need to change your personal attitude to some things, otherwise the disaster will not be avoided. Be more compliant and softer that no one can disgrace you and poke you into making mistakes.


This period will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen or improve relations with native people. It's time to apologize and forgive the closest people who offended you. This point is very important, because the solution to the troubles in the family, forgiveness of offenses and good relations with relatives, all this will guarantee the tranquility of Aries for several future years.


Concerning the career, the stars are advised not to rush things, as the year of the Dog promises stability for the whole year. Do not be too active to insist on raising wages or moving up the career ladder. Aries is well served by working duties, and the universe will certainly thank them for this leadership position in the next few years.


The summer period will be incredibly pleasant and filled with surprises for Aries women. You will find new opportunities and talents, which they could not even think of. Life will give you many opportunities to improve yourself, to get acquainted with a lot of new interesting people, and, perhaps, to meet a man who in the future can be called a husband.


Love horoscope


This goth will be a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and start a serious relationship. Be vigilant and do not trust anyone horrible, and Cupid will reward you by hitting the very goal.


The forecast for 2019 for Aries, who were born from March 21 to March 30. The dog will help you to accurately choose the right partner for a relationship. For this, astrologers recommend to find harmony between mind and intuition. It is worth noting that very annoying fans of Aries will not bother. Representatives of Mars, who are already in the relationship, can simply enjoy each other, because this year will bring in their relationship absolute peace.


Those born from March 31 to April 10 also promise great luck in love. Actively use your natural charm, and you will provide yourself with a huge number of fans and fans. If you already have a family, try to behave more modestly, because your partner is unlikely to like the excessive attention that you get from representatives of the opposite sex.


Representatives of the third decade, which begins on April 11, and continues until April 20 astrologers promise the favor of the mistress of the year. Do not deny yourself coquetry and flirting and enjoy the opportunities that life gives you. The stars promise a big boom in the birth of children, so be careful with casual connections. By the way, children who are born this year will receive natural charisma and will be very lucky.


Horoscope for Business


2019 will be incredibly successful for making money. The main thing is to find a good place to store deposits.


Born from March 21 to March 30 Aries can buy a new dress, as the stars promise a huge burst of luck, so that you can get the maximum cash earnings. It would be nice to carry a small block with a dog that will react and protect you at the most acute moment. 2019 will give Aries a lot of useful links that will play into your hands and help in promotion at work.


Horoscope for 2019 for Aries, born from March 31 to April 10. Incredible luck awaits the lucky ones who were born during this period. The mistress of the year will do everything to get the maximum of profitable offers, but the choice will be very difficult. Take risks with caution, without experiencing luck once again. Aries should be more positive, because money comes to those who know how to enjoy life.


For those born April 11 to April 20, astrologers promise the implementation of any, even the most daring ideas. Be very attentive, because interesting thoughts will come to you regularly, in the most interesting places, perhaps it's worth starting a special notebook to not miss anything. Remember that money likes silence. Try to be less emotional and do not share your plans for the future with strangers, otherwise the probability of failure will be very high.


Horoscope for Aries, who got a family


This year is characterized by special fidelity and love, so the family with the help of the Dog will become much stronger. Try to strengthen relationships with relatives and people who are close to you.


Horoscope for the rams in 2019 predicts various events depending on the decade in which Aries was born.


Born in the first decade of the month (from March 21 to April 30), the stars are advised to be liberated and not afraid to make small pleasant surprises for their second half. Do not be afraid to show your feelings, and will return to you a hundredfold.

Horoscope for 2019 Taurus: women and men

Taurus are hardworking and very persistent people in achieving their goals. They are very fond of comfort and order, so they always have a cozy home. People born under the sign of the calf, though seemingly cold, are actually very gentle and friendly.


Despite some phlegmatic and skepticism, they still want to know their future. Therefore, they are interested in the horoscope for 2019 for Taurus. What awaits the people of this sign in the new year? Will they be successful in work, in love, in farm management and in family relationships? Success - that's what Taurus cares about first and if it works well in 2019, then it will definitely find it. The horoscope for the coming year is divided into spheres of life.


Health of the bull in 2019

Year of the dog promises for Taurus a high risk of diseases of the urinary system. With negligence and lack of prevention, the probability of acquiring such ailments as cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis is great. To prevent these diseases, it is sufficient to avoid hypothermia, lead a healthy lifestyle and undergo a medical examination on time.


The year 2019 can bring Taurus problems with the liver. To maintain your own health, we advise you not to abuse alcohol and fatty foods.


The health of Taurus in the year of the dog is especially affected by its bad habits. Smoking, alcohol or the most ordinary laziness can worsen and reach its peak. To ensure that from the horoscope on Taurus's health in 2019 only good predictions were realized, it is necessary to get rid of all bad habits. Year of the dog will be very successful in getting rid of addictions, so dare!


To the above harmful habits, you can add and excessive love of work, in other words, workaholism. Purposeful Taurus often forget about everything in work, and sometimes it transcends all boundaries. Try to keep balance and rest on time!


In general, the horoscope for calves in 2019 does not portend serious health problems. Virtually all ailments are easily avoided by observing simple rules. Do not forget to regularly undergo a full medical examination, eat fresh natural food and move more. Do not forget to look for balance in everything, because he leads a person to inner calmness and balance. Look at life with a smile, do not overload yourself with business and learn to rest and then the body will tell Taurus thanks and make you feel good! 2019 will give you a great start for a new happy and, most importantly, healthy life.


Love horoscope for the year of the dog for the bull


The horoscope for the coming year does not give Taurus promises of dizzying novels or ice-cold love adventures. Now is the most favorable period for, as they say in the people, "settle down", to find a quiet harbor in a quiet family life. Try very scrupulously to approach the issue of choosing a partner, do not rush to the neck of everyone you meet, even if in your life there has not been a second half for a long time. Open your heart for the best feelings that you can plunge into. Horoscope for 2019 for representatives of the sign Taurus, whose hearts are already occupied, predicts the usual and measured course of life. Your mutual love will only grow stronger over time.


Love horoscope for 2019 for men

It is known that a man born under the sign of Taurus, has a remarkable appeal and a manly beginning. It is difficult to resist the charm of such an intelligent and strong person, therefore there are always many women around the representatives of the sign of the earthly element. We advise you in the new 2019 to choose your partner carefully, the good is always, on whom to put an eye. Try to listen not only to the mind, but also the heart. Harmony in everything will lead you to happiness! Protect your passion if you have already found a soul mate, and do not skimp on gifts and compliments for her.


Love horoscope for 2019 for women

Lonely careerists - Taurus are more focused on their work than on their personal lives. In the whirlwind of events, do not forget that we all need love! Look around carefully: the Year of the Dog will bring you a reliable man who will greatly change your life. It is also very likely that the new partner will also become a loyal colleague in the conduct of business. Together, you can achieve even greater heights than individually. Married Taurus stars accompany in the creation of home comfort. If you are planning a pregnancy, now is the time to think seriously about children. This year will help in all good endeavors!


Monetary horoscope

If your star sign is Taurus, then the horoscope for the year of the dog promises you incredible luck and dizzying success! Money is one of the most important incentives for you, as it symbolizes stability, peace, comfort and security. Who, if not Taurus, will be able to earn, accumulate and increase his capital. Many famous Taurus have whole states. In support of these words, one can quote Mikhail Prokhorov.


In 2019, Taurus should continue to go to its goal and confidently move up the career ladder, albeit not as fast as you would like it to be. The pleasant news for Taurus will be that throughout the year representatives of this sign will not have significant problems with money. Despite this, you still need to monitor your income and expenses so as not to be in an unpleasant situation. In January, the stars do not advise Taurus to spend a lot of money and make large purchases. Do not become miser, but do not waste all your income. Money for life just enough, but serious purchases should be postponed until the summer or at least until the middle of spring. In May, be prepared for a sudden enrichment: you can get a large amount of money from your relatives or real estate. The forecast for 2019 for Taurus does not exclude bonuses from superiors.


As for investments in third-party projects, here you need to exercise maximum caution. Carefully study all the nuances and pitfalls: it is likely to simply lose your own money. Astrologers predict the success of investments and work in IT and in the service sector. Pay special attention to them.


If to generalize, the money from Taurus will be the whole year! It is important not to stop at work and be reasonable in your spending.


Career forecast for 2019


Work for the bull is not even the second, and often the first and only house. Representatives of this "horned" sign are very persistent in their work, ready to work on wear and tear to obtain the desired result. However, they will not work for free: Taurus knows its own worth and will never allow the employer to deceive himself. They can become the most valuable and productive employee in comfortable conditions. It is desperate diligence that will help the Taurus in the new year, however, as well as the rest of the time.


Owners of their own business stars promise a successful working year. After the New Year holidays and until the middle of the spring you do not expect anything unusual. Things will proceed fairly routine. This is actually good, because the horoscope for the year 2019 for the bull does not portend anything wrong in this period. After the May vacation, astrologers advise businessmen to go deeper into work, because in the summer your business will expect a sharp rise. Of course, it will bring a large amount of money. If you have people in your subordination, do not skimp on paying for their work: in the future it will pay off.


For people under the command of the boss, the stars also have a very positive outlook. All year you will be very successful and enthusiastic to fulfill all your duties. This will strengthen relations with colleagues and increase your credibility in the eyes of the boss. The perfect time for vacation is August. From October to December, expect a pleasant cash bonus. Its volume will depend solely on your efforts.


Taurus rarely has problems at work. Promotion on the career ladder is a standard course of life for them, and 2019 will be an excellent springboard for reaching new heights. Continue to work, and everything will come itself!


Friendship and relationships with relatives

Only time-tested people stay with you for a long time. If your star sign is Taurus, then you know exactly what waits for you in 2019: work, work, work (or any other sphere of life that completely absorbs you) ... It has always been so, and so few people manage to withstand frequent disappearance in their own hobbies. And at the same time, faithful and patient people acquire a real friend. Although your meetings are not so often, they are filled with warmth, joy and fun. Also Taurus is always ready to break from the spot and come to the rescue.


In 2019 astrologers advise you to always keep in mind one very wise proverb: an old friend is better than the new two. People who have been with you for a long time have already been tested by time, by sorrows, and by joys. New acquaintances, although they seem interesting, can bring a lot of pain. This does not mean that you should not make friends. Just be circumspect and do not open all your secrets before the first person in front. Many people want to take advantage of your kindness and disinterestedness. Especially it concerns colleagues and not the most reliable girlfriends. Protect your life and all that you value from bad people!


In a family circle, everything may not seem as smooth as we would like. The forecast for 2019 for Taurus says that the most difficult months may be November and March. However, all conflicts can be easily avoided: do not forget about relatives. Call or write to them, be interested in their affairs. Be sure to meet them on New Year's holidays, in May or in the summer. Try not to create conflict situations.


Children's horoscope for calf for 2019

Taurus are beautiful adorable babies. They are very trusting and curious, therefore it is very easy to deceive them. Despite this, your baby will be a great helper! He is always happy to make Mom and Dad happier. In 2019, your child will discover new horizons, and your main task is to support the baby in a difficult, but very interesting process of mastering the world.


The most important thing that you need to focus on first and foremost and what the horoscope recommends for Taurus in 2019 is the issue of child upbringing and safety. You need to talk with him about what kind of people you can trust and about the dangers of strangers on the street. Do not frighten Taurus, so that he does not take all the hostility, and try to be as laconic as possible and clearly explain to him the rules of safety. If you have already done so, do not be lazy to repeat your words.


Year of the dog is great for getting a pet. If your baby has long asked for a cat, doggie or any other living creature, decide on the purchase of a furry friend in 2019. Do not worry about caring for the pet. Your child will be very successful in this matter, and he will try to fulfill all his duties.


For teenage calves, the end of winter can be difficult. Carefully observe the mood of your child in order to come to the rescue in time. Do not meddle in the soul: just show that you are near.


July will be an excellent time for a trip to the summer camp: this month the child will be able to prove himself as much as possible.


We can safely say that the year of the dog will be very successful for Taurus. With work and finances, no problems are foreseen, health at the careful attitude towards it will not fail, and love will find the one who is looking for it. Now it's up to you. Compiled by astrologers horoscope for calves in 2019 gives you every chance of success.

Horoscope for 2019 Gemini: women and men

Below is the professional horoscope for 2019. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, corresponds to the sector of the ecliptic (visible part of the celestial sphere) in the region 60 ° to 90 ° from the point of the vernal equinox.


Trigon, or element of the sign - air. The sun is in this area from May 22 to June 21, therefore born in this period, can relate everything that is written below to yourself. This is an approximate horoscope for 2019 for twins, for a more accurate prediction, you should compile a natal chart and turn to a professional astrologer for individual calculations.


How will it be - 2019 for twins?

It is to this sign that the year of the Yellow Dog, which is calm in its entirety, brings a lot of changes. External events, especially at the beginning of the year, will be stormy and bright. This is a good year for new beginnings, Uranus and Jupiter favor creation - the twins of the creative profession will find new ideas and create their best works. But luck is not all that awaits in 2019 the sign of the zodiac Gemini. A year will require increased responsibility, attention, especially to one's health and difficulties in interpersonal relationships. Some twins are waiting for glory, wealth, success, someone long-awaited promotion is waiting for someone, bright encounters await someone and significant (though not lasting) changes in their personal lives. Much depends on whether the twin can "grab luck by the tail", stop in time or, conversely, rush into battle.


Year of the yellow dog

According to the Chinese calendar, 2019, which will begin only on February 16, corresponds to the sign of the Dog. The twins born this year are distinguished by a sober way of thinking, practicality, honesty, peacefulness, an innate ability to resolve conflicts. These qualities cause a special arrangement of the symbol of the year - Yellow Dog, which, despite a true, sincere, clean temper, can be aggressive and dangerous. In 2019, she will support those of the twins who demonstrate commitment, perseverance, discipline, and turn away from gossips and chatterboxes that do not support the words with deed. In general, the dog has a calm disposition, the year will pass smoothly and calmly. Especially favorable it will be for those twins who have taken up their careers and are persistently and systematically achieving results.


The year 2019 for twins is favorable for:


Travel, business trips, a dog - a good companion and support;

Conclusion of marriage - it will be strong and prosperous;

Investments in housing and real estate, but remember that the dog is simple and firmly stands on the ground, financial adventures, including large purchases of borrowed funds, it does not approve.


Development of long-term love relationships. In the horoscope of most twins, the beginning of the summer of 2019 is the likely time of a strong, but not mutual, love affair. Irresponsibility of feelings can become for the usually successful love of twins a strong blow. Stress will be helped by the support of friends and relatives, and their own ingenuity;


The birth of a child. Children born in the year of the dog, have an attractive light character: they are smart, resourceful, have a sense of humor, outstanding charisma, their pranks can not be forgiven. But, like all dogs, they will need a firm hand and competent management.



Twins, densely engaged in their careers, can expect in the beginning of the spring of 2019 promotions or attractive business proposals. It makes sense to agree to them, all undertakings will be successful if they show diligence, consistency and perseverance. Typical qualities of twins: sociability, plasticity, resourcefulness, will be very useful.


However, this does not mean that trickery, intrigues or fraudulent schemes in the field of finance will be successful. The year 2019 is patronized by the dog, but she is straightforward and honest. Especially dangerous are frauds with foreign or borrowed funds. It is better to reduce participation in venture or risky projects to a minimum.


It is necessary to increase the degree of attention to colleagues, it may be necessary to establish relationships with them, to seek their location or to attract to their side. Though similar problems twins usually solve on the move, thanks to natural sociability.


A dangerous situation is possible for those twins who are limited in means. A lot of attractive projects will not embarrass the representatives of this sign, which will be influenced by the weighed Saturn. It is worth to send funds to the most reliable project, the risk in 2019 is not appropriate, there are possible large losses.


If you are not strong in long-term planning and know for sure that you are not able to curb your experimental spirit, enlist the support of a friend or the second half. Either it is worth abandoning the development of new ventures and concentrating on preserving and multiplying what is already available. 2019 will require the twins some insight, the ability to recognize dangerous and promising opportunities. And it will not always be easy, even though the representatives of this sign have excellent intuition.


A successful year will be for those who have savings or who managed to save the earned money for a year. At the end of the year, it will be possible to really invest money and multiply them with a high degree of reliability.


The most favorable time for financial transactions is May and June.


Love and relationships in 2019

As evidenced by the general horoscope for 2019 for Gemini, in this area they are waiting for change. The year is very turbulent and, from the point of view of relations, resembles a roller coaster. The beginning of the year is a conflict, alarming. Very likely a break with a permanent partner, or growing dissatisfaction in the relationship. It should be well thought out. Part of the twins will decide to maintain relations and survive the crisis. Others realize that these relations can no longer satisfy them, and they will decide on parting. And for those, and others, bright, exciting meetings are possible in the middle of the year. Single twins will have all the possibilities to plunge into the dizzying whirlpool of non-binding love and adventure. A more serious period will come for the twins closer to the end of the year - there may be offers of the hand and heart, or betrothal.



Particular attention to one's health should be given to those who have a tendency to:



Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially pancreatitis and other pancreatic diseases;

Arthritis, osteoporosis, other problems with joints and spine;

Depression, neurosis, overwork. People with reduced stress resistance should rest more.

The forecast for 2019 for twins in the field of health indicates that in a particularly advantageous position are the twins of the first decade of the sign. All for ensuring that they spent the whole year in great shape, both emotionally and physically, of course, provided they pay enough attention to their health. Twins of the second and third decades are more risky: there is a possibility of exacerbation of chronic diseases, fatigue due to stress, injuries are possible (at the beginning of the year, and also in October and November). It is wise to organize your vacation, making a special emphasis on the active, in autumn a trip to the sea is desirable.


In general, for all twins, the beginning of the year is favorable, they start in 2019 in excellent tonus. They are energetic, vigorous, open to everything new. But turbulent events, both professionally and personally, can suck out all the forces from the representatives of this sign. Depressions are possible, a decline in strength - you should take care of reserves in advance.


Gemini female horoscope for the year 2019

Twin women in general tend to feel a sudden upsurge and inspiration, but in early 2019, the manifestation of these qualities in the representatives of the sign will be particularly strong. It is important to use the positive side of this ability and not let the negative get yourself into trouble. If there is a desire to learn, discover, do something new, try not to rush into the pool, and think carefully about whether you really need it. Of course, someone will say that the recklessness of twins is their main charm, but everything is good in moderation.


Perhaps an unexpected promotion in the middle of the year and in the fall, or new opportunities in cases if a twin woman runs her own business or receives royalties. It is worth agreeing, if you feel enough strength, the offer is really beneficial.


Twins, with all their virtues (sense of humor, intelligence, flexibility) are prone to gossip, talkative, do not know how to keep secrets. These qualities in 2019, women-twins should be reduced, otherwise there may be trouble in dealing with colleagues.


Married twin women or in long-term relationships will enter into a crisis of relations: frequent quarrels, misunderstandings. The flexibility and communicative talents of the twins will alleviate these troubles, but nevertheless one should restrain irritability and discontent with his second half. There may be hobbies on the side, but it's better to refrain from reckless actions, otherwise the consequences will have to be unconscious for a long time and with tears.


It is worth paying more attention to rest, home affairs, if they are happy, to give time to family and their health, it is advisable to plan a long-awaited trip with a husband or family at the end of the year.


When faced with troubles, twin women should show their femininity and ability to solve problems with a wave of their hands. The year favors pleasant unexpected meetings with men who are always ready to help.


Gemini male horoscope for 2019

Priority of 2019 - professional growth. A common horoscope of twins for a year of the dog favors the construction of a career, the development of business, success in business. Business qualities of twins - assertiveness, contactness, diligence - will shine, like a cut diamond. Favorable month to change jobs - March. The time for major purchases is the end of the year.


In the personal plan, the twins are waiting for the storms. Married waiting for a violent hobby on the side - it is better to refrain or confine oneself to flirting. Free twins, perhaps, will not meet the second half in 2019, but a vivid novel is more than likely.


Personal development and growth

If at the beginning of the year there are possible stormy, positive and negative events that require immediate response, then towards the end of 2019 it comes out on an even, almost meditative strip. Trouble is possible with those who have not managed to curb their restless temperament. In any case, all categories of twins will be able to enrich their contradictory nature with such qualities as wisdom, balance, calmness, stress-resistance, discernment.


Twins, despite their lightness, are ambitious and inclined to work hard on themselves and their shortcomings. In 2019 representatives of the sign have every opportunity to make a powerful leap forward. Become more collected, stronger, self-confident.


Even the wrong steps and mistakes in 2019 will temper the character of the twins. They will continue to be independent, energetic, easy to climb, curious, active and not tolerating stagnation and routine, but they will manage to reach a new level of self-control. Perhaps, someone from the twins will discover unexpected qualities and surprise others.


This is an indicative horoscope for twins for 2019. The year will be turbulent, rich in events and will require all representatives of this contradictory creative sign to manifest atypical for them qualities: organization, discipline, prudence, restraint. If you manage to "turn on the bore" in time, do not doubt that the year will be warm, cozy, quiet and not without benefit to the heart and purse. For a more accurate forecast for a year or monthly, you should order an individual horoscope.

Horoscope for 2019 Cancer: women and men

Representatives of the constellation of Cancers are very prudent and purposeful. You can always distinguish it from the crowd by how carefully, step by step, but at the same time stubbornly, it goes to its goal.


He does not make rash movements, does not hurry and knows how to wait. Well, when it rains, it clings tightly to the chance, and is unlikely to let it go. To people who were born under this sign, in any sphere of life there is a big luck, because spontaneity and ill-considered are not about them. Cancers are people with a very sensitive nature. They take to heart all the defeats and take a very long time to recover. Representatives of this sign are very sensitive and good friends.


Let's look into the horoscope for 2019 (Cancer) and find out what the representatives of this sign will succeed in, and where it will be necessary to show additional efforts.


General horoscope for Cancers for 2019

In 2017, representatives of the water sign of the zodiac swam in comfort, because the Rooster guarded them, protecting them from most problems. As it is not strange, the Dog will also gladly accept them, protecting from misfortune will bring great luck.


From the first days of 2019, Rakov will expect many pleasant surprises. By the end of February, you will open a lot of prospects and receive a large number of interesting proposals from the authorities. This period will be very good in order to start your business and meet a warm season in your office. The stars recommend not to show off their achievements very much, giving vent to emotions only in the family circle, because the world is full of envious persons who will try to stick the sticks into the chariot Rakov.


Spring for the representatives of this constellation will be filled with pleasant emotions. The period is good for travel, and the mistress of the year will certainly help to send you somewhere far, closer to your element, so that you can relax from mental and physical work.


In summer, Cancers will be able to feel the real heat in all senses of the word. At work, everything will go as it should. Colleagues love you and want to look like a beautiful and intelligent Cancer, and the boss, now and then will ask advice and invite a cup of coffee. Personal life also will not do without surprises. All the domestic troubles and squabbles that have haunted you over the past year will in themselves begin to be resolved and come to naught. Relations with relatives will become more pleasant and harmony will reign between you, because Cancers will finally be understood and accepted even by the most nagging household members. Summer will take place on a wave of romance and love, because this period is great for thinking about replenishing. And those crayfish, whose heart is free, can rejoice and rejoice, because the Dog and strives to find for you a wonderful couple and send to the registry office, sending you fans and fans in an incredibly large number. Immediately show wit and try not to think for a long time, who knows, maybe, because of too much caution, you will miss your happiness?


And even autumn, which for most zodiacal signs is a harbinger of colds, melancholy and depression, for Cancers will be light. Incredible positive, interspersed with peace, bring you a sea of ​​pleasant sensations. Many will not take your positive attitude, trying to see some kind of dirty trick, but the charm of the water inhabitant will melt the hearts of even the most suspiciously-minded guys. The stars will not let you mope, and one of the reasons for this will be a large avalanche of currency bills that will cover you from head to foot. Against this background, November will be a very good month in order to expand its housing, or completely replace it. The dog will give you the most profitable offers for the purchase of everything that is necessary for construction. You will only have time to count the money.


Favorable will be the autumn-winter period and in order to change the image and acquire new ornaments. But we dare to warn you that the Dog does not like excesses. In a new way, you should avoid screaming outfits and stones. Modesty and elegance - that's what the mistress of the year will appreciate.


Most of the representatives of the water element will enter the winter in the form of imposing imposing gentlemen. Be careful, since you will be jealous, but the Dog will not let you offend and will not let people come to you who want to harm. The whole year 2019 will be imbued with luck, so, boldly listen to your intuition, it will not fail you exactly.


Horoscope forecast for men-Cancers for 2019

A horoscope for the year of the Dog for Male Cancers is impregnated with luck and money. In the workplace, everything will go smoothly. But let the success will not deprive you of vigilance. Beware of people from their work environment, who began to sharply show interest in your person. Do not hesitate to expose dishonest colleagues before the boss and even more so, do not miss the opportunity to climb up the career ladder.


Beware of outright conflicts. In the spring, the stars promise you a period in which the authority among the surrounding people can significantly drop, and this will be caused by your involvement in mass disassembly. Keep your emotions in your hands and do not argue with other people. August for men born under the sign of Cancer will be the time when it's time to decide matters postponed for later. The ideal moment when you should give up a bad habit, make peace with your relatives or legitimize a civil marriage.


Autumn will be marked by optimism and incredible demand at work. Old friends will remind you of their existence, and the number of people who want to make friends with you will exceed all expectations. Be vigilant and picky, forming your social circle. Men whose hearts are free will succumb to attraction to many women, but to always stay on top will have to make an effort, because success is changeable.


Horoscope Forecast For Women-Cancers For 2019

Horoscope for 2019 for Cancers promises a wonderful sex many surprises in terms of personal life. The Year of the Dog will be incredibly favorable for building a strong family. Girls, whose hearts are free, will certainly meet the other half, with what, will choose from whom. For those who are in a relationship, the stars portend a happy marriage, and wishing to have a child - a long-awaited pregnancy.


April will be a good month for making a profit. This can be material gifts from relatives or a good job offer, which will be adequately paid. While all other signs of the zodiac rest, Cancers should work fruitfully in the summer. This is necessary in order to begin harvesting their efforts at the beginning of autumn. Astrologers recommend paying the maximum amount of free time to their beloved people, taking care of them and not being afraid to compromise at the right time. It is necessary to closely monitor the statements, because the word, thrown in the hearts, can deeply injure the partner, and your attempts to make amends will not bring any result.


Since the fall of the romantic spirit of Cancers will not go anywhere, there is a big risk to succumb to relationships outside the family. Since the girls of this sign are very enterprising, they can hardly ignore the opportunity to start a relationship with a wealthy young man.


Love Forecast

Since 2019 for representatives of the constellation of crayfish impregnated with romance and love, all those who have not yet found their mate, with the battle of the chimes, it is necessary to build your ideal in your head. It is worth remembering that the rules adopted by society often interfere with building a successful personal life, and sometimes it is worth neglecting them to find happiness. It will be important how clearly you represent the image of the future beloved person, come up with everything, to the smallest detail and do not be afraid to look for it in life.


If you are planning to go on vacation, astrologers recommend choosing one of the sunny and hot countries. There is a high probability that you will be able to meet someone whose acquaintance will turn your whole life around. A loved one, who is near, will help to open talents in your person that were not seen before.


Together with a great passion, the stars do not exclude the possibility of divorce in late summer, early autumn. Feelings that absorb Cancer and submission to the object of love can play a cruel joke. Try not to turn small disagreements into quarrels with deep grievances, since the breakdown of relations for Cancers means depression and apathetic state. Consolation should be sought in a close person from the family environment.


Cash forecast

In the monetary forecast for 2019 for Cancers there are many positive moments. But, it is worth noting that a sharp jump in the financial sector of life is not expected. It is likely that the Dog will give you a promotion or a profitable business with an increase in income. By the end of spring you can get an offer, from a person who is close to you. Its essence will be connected with the sale of real estate. The stars claim that you should not ignore a good chance to earn money, which can be successfully invested in a profitable project in the fall. By the end of 2019, the Raki will receive a large cash investment, this may be as a gift from relatives, and a good inheritance. If you are in arrears or a loan with a bank, it is better to carefully plan the flow of your expenses so that your payment is not delayed, because astrologers say that the risk of recklessness is very high.


Career growth forecast

A dog is an animal that is associated with friendship and fidelity, therefore, it is easiest to achieve career advancement through a good relationship with the team and superiors. Earn the trust to your person and respect the people around you, and in the beginning of the spring your efforts will be rewarded. A good idea will be advanced training courses or mastering a new profession that will allow you to earn in parallel with the main job. Thus, you will be able to add confidence in your abilities, which will certainly be felt by others. If you plan to strengthen your position in the company, do not plan a long vacation in the summer. Four or five days by the sea will be enough to fill with energy. Autumn will bring Cancer unpleasant emotions in the form of criticism and constant checks at work. Having shown your strong points, being attentive and patient, you can avoid troubles.


Health For Cancer Forecast For 2019

Beware of fatigue. Energy and excellent mobility - it's fine, but remember that very important is the timely replenishment of energy. Workaholism can lead to bad sleep, excessive irritability and loss of appetite. If there is no opportunity to go on vacation, pay attention to such activities as yoga and various breathing practices. Be wary of early summer fruits and mushrooms, as Cancers are prone to poisoning. Also, it is worth paying attention to the general state of the organism, since autumn, for representatives of the constellation of Cancers, is associated with a variety of allergic reactions.


While conducting the research, astrologers fully answered the question what awaits people under the sign of the zodiac Cancer in 2019. Summing up, it is worth pointing out that on the whole, the year promises to be enjoyable in all spheres of life. For this, Raku should show a little restraint in conflict situations, and in relation to his half, on the contrary, do not skimp on affection and manifestations of love.

Horoscope for 2019 Leo: women and men

If you have met a handsome, stately, arrogant and very ambitious person, do not even think about his sign of the zodiac, because it will surely be the Lion. Such people, like their patronizing animal, have great inner strength and energy.


Lions are born leaders. They can easily lead the crowd with them. Although people born under this sign are somewhat arrogant and have often exalted interests, but they, like everyone else, want to know the horoscope for 2019 for Leo. This year will come quickly and unexpectedly. It is important to be ready for everything. The next one will be very interesting for you, and a horoscope for Leo will tell you about it.


Health of lions in 2019


At the beginning of the year you will burst with excellent health! Yes, do not be surprised: even New Year parties and sleep face in the salad will not be able to tear down your immunity. Perhaps the first days of January, Lev will be a little hard to join during life, but then everything will go, as they say in the people, a little cheerful. Exacerbations of chronic diseases are not expected, there will be no unexpected infections either. The body itself gives you instruction and kindness at the beginning of a new healthy life! Winter is a great time to start going to the gym, if you have long wanted to make a habit of regular sports.


Careless flow of life can turn the head of Leo. At the end of summer, the risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is great. It may seem to you that winter and spring without health problems become stability, but everything is not so simple. Be reasonable and do not attack harmful food. Also, be sure to wash your hands before meals and check the expiry date of what will fall into your mouth. Also astrologers are very advised to observe the measure of alcohol consumption in order to maintain their own health. Pay more attention to the quality of products, this will save you from stomach problems in August.


The forecast for 2019 for lions advises to be as cautious as possible at the end of the year. In November and December, the destructive effect of Mars on the health of people born under this sign of the zodiac is foreseen. What does this mean? You will have a high risk of injury. A regular recommendation will be maximum accuracy in traffic. Try to pick up comfortable shoes, both for training and for walking along the street. Do not forget to warm up before going in for sports and do not make hasty sharp movements.


In general, Lev's health will be consistently good. Take care of yourself and your body, then you definitely will not have to go to doctors in the year of the dog!


Love horoscope


In 2019, Leo has every chance to find his soul mate. You represent one of the most passionate and loving signs, so lions pay attention to very many representatives of the opposite sex. One of the main tips that astrologers can give you is: listen to your heart and try to suppress your instincts and selfish motives. With this approach in the fall, when the influence of Venus will be maximized, you will be able to find a reliable partner for yourself.


Love Horoscope for Women of Lions for 2019

Lionesses looking for a soul mate are more likely to come together with representatives of less strong zodiac signs: Cancers, Pisces or Libra. Horoscope Leo for a year the dog advises to nurture a female beginning and not to seek for the love of weak people. If you dominate a man in a relationship, then both of you will be unhappy. Try to be weak and fragile in 2019, then the love will only increase, and make you happy. These recommendations apply to married Lionesses. Be softer with your home, especially in June and December (at this time, the influence of Mars on you will be especially high, hence - some hostility). Remember that for your husband and children your love and soft female energy are important. Praise your family, and this will lead to universal happiness.


Love Horoscope for Lion Men for 2019

You are a lion, handsome and handsome, living by the will of your own instincts. The beginning of the year will be remembered for you by numerous connections for one night. This is a great score in the piggy bank of your ego. However, if you want a serious relationship, look for a sweetheart in April. This month will be most favorable. In 2019, Lions are susceptible to the excessive influence of hormones, so the stars advise you to think not only the body, but also the mind, soul and heart. Life of married Lviv will be easy and good. September can give you an excuse and an opportunity for treason. Think carefully about your woman before you take this crucial step. Astrologers do not advise changing the family comfort for one-day enjoyment.


Financial horoscope for the lion for 2019

People of the sign of the zodiac Leo certainly wondered what awaits them in 2019 in terms of finance. This is not surprising, because they are very fond of money and various kinds of luxury goods. Life in abundance, which is accompanied by expensive entertainment and buying things from brands with a world-wide name, seems to the Lions as comfortable as possible. So what will be in their pocket throughout the year 2019?


If you describe the overall picture of the financial state of Leo for the whole year, then we can say one word: stability. Do not worry, you will have money. And they will be enough to live and even get out somewhere for the weekend, but whether the finance will flow like a cornucopia depends entirely on you.


As soon as New Year holidays pass, Lev will have a large number of opportunities to improve his material condition. Be careful not to miss a very interesting proposal. If you want to achieve an increase in the position and, accordingly, an increase in wages, January and February will be an excellent time for this! Do not hesitate to draw the attention of the authorities to your work, if you think that you deserve more than the current income. Chances are high that the boss will listen, and you will become richer!


Horoscope for Lviv in 2019 heralds an unexpected enrichment in August. However, be reasonable and do not lose all finances to the wind. It would be logical to postpone them for any major purchase. By the way, about them: the most favorable time for the acquisition of something expensive and significant will be October.


Astrologers warn Lviv that in 2019 the passion for gambling will not lead to good. If you were lucky in 2017, do not try fate in the year of the dog. Also, you should not spend large sums of money on entertainment - you risk staying completely without funds. Be reasonable!


Horoscope career for 2019

The dog as a symbol of this year will not give the Lions any barriers to reach career heights. Therefore, it will be quite easy to achieve success. The formula for success is simple to indecency: work, and everything will be. Of course, Leo would prefer to sunbathe in the sun with a cocktail in his hands and an expensive hotel behind his back, but for all this it is necessary to work hard. In 2019, your work duties will not suffer significant changes, and it will be enough for you simply to do what you know how. Do not forget about other aspects of successful career growth.


Horoscope for 2019 for people with the sign of the zodiac Leo advises paying special attention to relations with colleagues. Of course, in your working environment there are people who are extremely unsympathetic to you, but astrologers do not advise you to spoil relations with them in the year of the dog. Try to treat people with whom you work, if not with kindness in your heart, then at least with indulgence. Your good attitude even to those people who are simply annoying you, will bear fruit already in the second half of 2019. Otherwise, Lev's colleagues, on the contrary, can contribute not only to demotion, but also loss of work.


Regardless of whether you work for yourself or for "uncle," in 2019, the surrounding people will play a big role for you. Try to make as many as possible acquaintances and show people their best features. Some of the "fleeting" meetings will turn out to be something more: new interesting work, true partners or something that will contribute to the development of you as an employee. Do not be afraid to offer cooperation to people interesting to you. Working together with someone, you not only earn large sums, but also get a lot of fun.


Let's sum up: the main secret of success in work for Lviv will be communication. Be friendly and get ready for riches!


Friendship and relationships with the relatives of lions in 2019

Horoscope for 2019 for Lviv hurries to warn you and give a little instruction, but about everything in order. Near to you there are always a lot of people who value you as a good friend and strong personality. You, in turn, also cherish the people who surround you. However, Lviv has one not the best feature. They are prone to value judgment even about the closest people. Be lenient to friends - this will help to maintain and strengthen long-term friendship. Astrologers portend to you a very funny party! In order for 2019 to leave in your memory bright shots of class revelry, settle for all the adventures from friends. In addition, the coolest days you spend, almost without spending money. So if you are called on a hike or on a friendly get-together, get out of the house!


As for relations among relatives, in this respect, it is almost impossible to find fault with many Lions. Lions love it when the whole family gathers for the holidays. They like to have a great time together with their family, where they are always in the center of attention. The stars advise the Lions to follow their own behavior. It is possible that at some point you are too demanding to close ones. Lions are inclined to "terror" their own relatives. Interestingly, they do not even notice it. The forecast for 2019 for Lviv strongly recommends being kinder and more tolerant of relatives, especially during summer holidays.


Children's Lion Horoscope for 2019

Speaking about the horoscope for 2019 for Lviv, it is worthwhile to tell about what awaits the smallest representatives of this sign of the zodiac. Lions are very cheerful and restless kids. At the same time, when it comes to favorite pursuits, they calm down and do everything in the most concentrated way. If your baby suddenly wilts or is sad, do not lead him around the psychology and do not try to entertain with all sorts of toys. The main "cure" for the spleen for lions will be a new hobby. Astrologers recommend giving the child technical knowledge: give him a book on mathematics or tell in simple words about physics. An inspired lion will again be cheerful and cheerful.


Lviv, who already went to school, has no problems with his studies. All the objects in the year of the dog will be given to them with ease, your task here is to remember to praise and encourage the child so that his motivation will not disappear and grow. Also, your child in one day can bring home the news of great and pure love. Be careful and with understanding, refer to the luminous feelings of the Lion cub: in you he will look first and foremost an adviser and friend.


In the summer, try to provide the child Leo with a variety of recreation. Let part of the summer he will be in the city, part - in the camp or at his grandmother, and also go to relax with you. This will have a beneficial effect on health, both physical and mental, and in 2019 your child will be absolutely healthy.


It's time to sum up: the horoscope for 2019 for Lviv portends, basically, only positive events. Year of the dog will be an excellent start for a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Career growth and financial situation will depend on your work and ability to communicate with colleagues and clients. The most important thing: believe in yourself and your strength. In this case, 2019 will be magical!

Horoscope for 2019 Virgo: women and men

People born under the constellation Virgo, have punctuality, the ability to hear and listen, practicality and care. Usually they become valuable employees in work and excellent partners in marriage.


Also, a distinctive feature of this sign of the zodiac can be called a high desire for knowledge, and therefore they will be interested to read the forecast for 2019 for virgo. Life is an unpredictable thing, and I really want to know at least about what it will present in the near future. The forecast foretells Virgos as a whole a good year 2019, and more specific predictions in the areas you will read in this article.


Horoscope of health

In your life, if not everything is perfect, then at least constantly strive for this. The same can be said about health. In 2017, you have taken great care of yourself and your body, so in 2019 your body will thank you. Virgos literally burst into the new year, full of energy and emotions. Holidays do not compromise your health, but, on the contrary, will make it stronger. Just do not blossom! You get used to good quickly. In order to prolong the excellent state of health, try to return to sports and health-improving procedures as soon as possible. Especially effective for Dev will be adored by many representatives of this sign bath. If, however, there was no physical activity before the holidays, be sure to correct this misunderstanding.


In early spring, the risk of thyroid disorders in women increases, as a consequence - weight gain. But do not spread the panic ahead of time. Virgo as no one else knows their own organism, so the recipe for health will not be a revelation for you. Monitor the power and do not overeat. That's all! At an aggravation of problems and deterioration of state of health we advise immediately to go to the doctor.


Also astrologers, having compiled a horoscope for 2019 for Dev, give an installation for increased control of health in early August. The solar eclipse, expected on the seventh day, will cause a small malaise. At this time, do not postpone the consultation with a doctor. A timely visit to the medical office will significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


In general, the health problems in the year of the dog will almost bypass the representatives of the sign of the elements of the earth. Live joyfully and in harmony with the body simply! The main thing is to control your own health and prevent the first symptoms. Your health is only in your hands.


Love of Dev in 2019

Year of the dog will bring Virgo changes in the love sphere. They will be both positive and negative, so be prepared to take full advantage of all the gifts of fate! Remember your main virtues: prudence and calm. Be cool in the face of difficulties, then they will pass less painfully. Also do not shout about your happiness to the whole world, even if you really want to. Unkind people are everywhere - they can envy you and, albeit indirectly, destroy love.


Love Horoscope for Women Dev for 2019

If you are a woman of the zodiac sign Virgo, then you are probably interested in what awaits you in 2019. Throughout the year, representatives of this sign of the zodiac circle will be patronized by Venus. Your modesty and inaccessibility will drive not one man crazy, and the phone will be torn from constant messages and calls. In choosing a partner, the stars are advised to be more careful. Beautiful words will be said a lot, but only those who can prove love in deeds, really deserve you. And there is such a person! Expect love from May to July and take a closer look at representatives of such zodiac signs as Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer. You have every chance of creating strong relationships with them.


But there are also such Virgos, to whom the whole world is not sweet, but in the head only the image of one beloved. Most likely, you have not succeeded and are unlikely to enter into a romantic relationship with this man. You're just too different. Let go of the thought of him! On the horizon there is someone more worthy. This also applies to those Devs who are in destructive relationships. February will be an excellent month to decide on their development.


Married Virgo is more lucky: the family hearth, created by your efforts, will be strong and cozy. In September 2019, there will be a question about vacation. Agree to a trip to the sea without hesitation! It will bring magic to the relationship with your loved one.


Love horoscope for men Dev for 2019

Love horoscope for 2019 for men under the sign of the zodiac Virgo gives only one recommendation: listen to your heart. You yourself know which sphere is more important for you at this stage of your life. So maybe you should not waste yourself on frivolous attitudes to the detriment of a career? And, on the contrary, do not switch to other things if there is only one girl in your mind - get it! 2019 contributes to any endeavor, it is only wise to prioritize.


March will be dangerous in terms of working novels. Do not give in to the temptation of a beautiful colleague: kindly this connection will not end exactly.


Monetary horoscope for Virgins

The year of the dog will not leave you without finances: you will have enough money for everything you need. Including entertainment, self-care and other small pleasures. The money will be exactly as much as it takes. However, it will not be possible to save and save. The stars advise you not to borrow money as much as possible and not to make loans. Although payments seem to be insignificant at first, not only this year, but also subsequent ones, this loan will take a long time to "zakatsya" to you.


If your zodiac sign Virgo, a horoscope for the year of the dog promises Jupiter's trusteeship in the field of finance. This means that, perhaps, your income will go up the hill. At the same time, astrologers rush you to warn: from the end of February to the first of May, and also from the middle of September, you should not risk your own money. Do not make unjustified spending and do not invest your own money in any projects. It is better to think about how to increase the available capital in order to reap the fruits of your own labor next year.


The beginning of autumn and the middle of winter will pleasantly surprise by replenishment of a purse: expect an increase at work or a surprise from relatives. Also, there is a high probability that someone will return a long-standing debt, which you have long forgotten.


Career Forecast for Virgo

Horoscope for 2019 for people sign Virgo predicts that you will be extraordinarily bold and risky in the work. This behavior will help you to act more relaxed and bring new and successful aspects into your business. Be receptive to the help of colleagues: despite the strong internal energy, you yourself can not endure all the hardships. Working together for the common good will lead you not only to a previously conceived goal, but will also open new horizons, new opportunities. You'd better not waste yourself on several things at once. Orientation on one task or sphere will cause your rise and numerous victories.


Jupiter, which was already mentioned in the financial forecast, will precede all the career undertakings of Dev up to the beginning of November. This time will be excellent for getting into work with your head. The authorities can offer a vacant seat, and it will be promoted. However, in order to receive it, you will need to move to another office, or maybe to another city. If you decide on such changes, do not doubt the success: it will overtake you with almost one hundred percent probability.


Leaders, following the forecast for 2019 for Dev, should continue to act on a preplanned strategy. Until the fall of the work will go smoothly and, in time giving a motivation to the team, you can get a profit that exceeds the current salary of two or even three times. Do not be afraid to demand from your subordinates more: your strong team can and wants to work more. Do not forget about gratitude for work. It is not only bonuses and salary increases, but also joint "gatherings" and departures. In December, together with the team, you will celebrate the achievement of the goal. Do not skimp on kind words for them!


Also astrologers recommend as much as possible to get acquainted with people: a new friend will help in lifting business to a new level.


Relations with friends and family

The stars tell you: an old friend is better than the new two. The year of a friendly dog ​​will be favorable for establishing relationships with old friends. Try to let go of all the inner grievances and bring to a sincere conversation a man who has more than once rescued you in difficult situations. The right time for this will be January. Having adjusted relations with the checked up people, it is possible to be opened and to new acquaintances. August, September and December will be free in terms of work cases, you will have some free time - go to an event. It can be a concert or lecture of an interesting person. It's not so important that it will be, most importantly, that the topic intrigues you. At this event, the opportunity to meet your soul is great. Do not deny a person in communication or acquaintance. A chance meeting can bring you a new reliable friend. Circumstances can even develop in such a way that friendship will grow into something more.


In communicating with relatives a horoscope for 2019 for the sign of the zodiac Virgo advises you to treat your relatives more condescending. Do not condemn relatives for the life path that they chose, and then they will accept any of your decisions. You do not need to often meet with family if you do not want to. It's enough just to show concern and understanding. Year of the dog promises small family differences, but everything can be solved with love and absolute understanding. Bring the family what you want from her in return. And what will it be - quarrels with conflicts or joy with good, it's up to you.


Children's horoscope for maidens for 2019


Is your baby born under the sign of the Virgin? You are lucky: there will always be a real assistant nearby, which is unlikely to make you blush before a teacher in a kindergarten or at a parent's meeting. The child of this sign of the zodiac differs assiduity, polite treatment with adults and peers, perseverance. With proper upbringing and sufficient motivation, you can grow a successful and happy person.


If you have not yet sent the child to school, then the horoscope for Virgins for 2019 advises to develop in the child all the positive qualities. Virgo likes to get new knowledge: try to captivate the kid with something interesting. Maybe this is creativity or some kind of mathematical calculations - let the child try everything. At the end of the year, he can express his decision about doing something. Do not resist the inclinations of the baby! Help him in his hobby - this will be a fertile ground for further study.


Primary school pupils, born under the zodiac Virgo, will be given all subjects without much effort. Pay attention to how your child communicates with peers. If you see that the Virgin has no friends, gently hint to him that it is important to communicate with people as well as to learn. Talk to the schoolboy about friendship and its role in a person's life.


Astrologers advise the parents of teenage Devs in 2019 to try to get closer to the child. Perhaps the first school feelings or problems in dealing with teachers, the student wants to discuss with you. Do not press him, but show your willingness to listen and help. Then in June he will be able to lightly relax!


It's time to take stock. To people born under the sign of Virgo, a horoscope for the year of the dog promises the continuation of a rich, successful and stable life. In order for everything to be good in all spheres, you only need to be considerate and reasonable. And this does not take away from Dev, so that the year of the dog is simply bound to make you better.

Horoscope for 2019 Libra: women and men

Horoscope for Libra for 2019 Dogs will clearly show to all, what will be the year to come for the sign of the zodiac. Libra is the only sign of the zodiac, representing an inanimate object. They are also the second sign of the elements of air. Representatives of this zodiac sign differ in their desire for harmony and beauty in everything that surrounds them.


They have a weakness for art, while they are endowed with good business acumen and persistent spirit. Scales are excellent diplomats and in all circumstances, strive to achieve the goal and defeat the opponents. They excel in the field of jurisprudence and law enforcement. A distinctive feature of representatives of this sign of the zodiac is loyalty, reliability and constancy.


So what the Yellow Dog prepared for the representatives of the air element can be learned by carefully reviewing the horoscope for 2019 (Libra).


Horoscope for Libra in 2019

Cockerel, as he could, cared about the peace and well-being of Libra, in every possible way helping and contributing to them in all spheres of life. Do not fall in the dirt face and patroness of 2019, the Dog, providing its protection of representatives of the air element.


The very first sphere of life in which you can feel the favor of the mistress of the year is financial. If you were afraid that you will no longer be able to enjoy financial benefits in the same way as in 2017 - you are grossly mistaken. March of 2019 is marked for Libra by a heavy shower of currency notes. You will be showered with a plentiful number of beneficial offers, negotiations will end with profitable deals, contracts will be signed, and work that was done earlier will start to bear good results.


In this situation, even the most resistant can start dizziness, what can we say about the emotional and impressionable Libra. But in this situation it will be very important to keep control and common sense, not succumbing to emotions, otherwise you will not be able to gain benefits if you can lose them. Another gift for Libra in 2019 from the most romantic time of the year - a sea of ​​love and adventure, in which Libra will have the opportunity to dive headlong. Love affairs can take away Libra far from reality, however, the choice to make all the same have to.


It will be very fruitful for 2019 for those who decide to acquire a family. The unions created this year will be very strong and happy, because the Dog honors traditions and loyalty. Those who are already married, astrologers advise buying strollers, and equip children's rooms, for the probability is very high that the stork has prepared for you a small surprise.


If you are one of those who do not dream of a baby, then send a powerful stream of saved energy to establish relationships with your family. After all, the Dog is a very devoted friend and appreciates the family hearth. In this case, you only need a wish, and the mistress of the year will tell you in every possible way what and when to do, the main thing - be careful. Yet the horoscope for 2019 for Libra warns the sign of the zodiac that difficult periods in life can not be avoided.


If spring and summer are carried through to the rhythm of family warmth, then in the beginning of autumn you have to work hard on working issues, because competitors do not doze, searching for insidious ways to overtake you and take your money. Libra will be useful to remember about his connections among the respectable people, because they can help, but only if you yourself turn to them.


The stars recommend to make the main efforts in the autumn months and work hard to glory, in order to go to the oceans in winter and get an excellent tan. In the middle of the year, the financial condition will become stable, but do not expect a large flow of money. Rather, you should figure out how to invest what you have earned earlier.


The beginning of the winter will depend on how you worked in the fall. The month of December will be relaxed and slow. Go on vacation and allow yourself a little more than usual. It will be good time for distant foreign trips. Positively perceive the dog and the desire of Libra look beautiful. The main thing, updating the wardrobe, know the measure, because modesty has not spoiled anyone yet.


At the end of 2019, when Libra decided to take stock, they will find that the year was a great success. In my personal life, everything is stable well. Lonely with the right arrangement of priorities will be able to acquire a couple, and those who are long together - finally decide to legitimize their union. Do not be afraid to ask for more than you have now, because the Dog is supportive of you, and maybe just waiting for instructions to take action.


Men-Libra horoscope for the year 2019

Horoscope for Male Libra for the Year of Dogs promises great profits and good luck. It's time to show your business acumen and earn good capital for later life, because your activity in 2019 is on top. Such a sharp rise in energy will be observed both among those who created their own business and people working in companies. The first half of the year will be generous for lucrative contracts and promising offers. In the summer, the stars are advised not to be afraid to make major purchases, such as a car or real estate. A good investment will be your own education in the future, it will help to manifest itself in different spheres of activity.


Luck will walk on the heels of Libra throughout the year 2019. It's time to get good acquaintances, and when making big deals do not forget to exchange numbers with people who in the long term may be useful to you. Sometimes, luck can replace minor troubles, but, as a whole, the picture will not spoil and the year will pass on the crest of a positive!


From the courageous representatives of Libra will require the manifestation of their most vividly expressed qualities, such as cunning, ingenuity and the ability to adjust to the current in order to jump out of it at the right time. This is necessary in order not to miss a chance to receive recognition from colleagues and a decent replenishment of their own budget.


Women-Libra horoscope for 2019

The horoscope for 2019 for Libra women is ambiguous and changeable. The stars say that the beginning of the year for the fair sex will not be as pleasant as we would like, because there is a high probability that everything will not be very good on the love front. But, applying your perseverance and natural gravitation to harmony, you can go through this period without heavy losses. Do not give in to the primary emotion to quit everything and leave, because giving a lot of accumulated energy and love, you can catch yourself thinking that you do not see any payoff and you can not get anything in return. This period must be waited, it will last for several months, and only after their expiration you will see that they have tried not in vain and that the light at the end of the tunnel still exists.


The second half of the year fully compensates for the failures of the first. You will have the opportunity to heal the wounds of the soul and restore the lost energy. Since the summer period, luck will not depart from Libra, not a single step, all the undertakings in 2019 will be successful, so do not be afraid to take the first step.


Lonely representatives of the fair sex will finally be able to find peace in the firm arms of the responsible man. We need to seriously take care of our physical and mental health, taking care of a full rest, the absence of which will make itself felt in the form of hysteria or exhaustion. The gentle nature of women Libra is not able to stay in suspense for a long time and without rest. Think about the trip to the sea or go to the spa salon. It is possible that the first half of 2019 will cause a serious psychological trauma, which will have to be restored throughout the autumn period.


Prognosis of health

The main thing about which it is worth remembering to the representatives of the air element is the preservation of enviable calm in any situation. Otherwise, you are guaranteed conflict situations, quarrels and, subsequently, a nervous breakdown. Also, special attention should be paid to their way of life, because emotional Libra is often difficult to fall asleep in time, refusing to wake up at night. Disregarding a healthy sleep, you run the risk of earning a migraine. It is possible that a headache will bother you for a long time. In that case, immediately consult a doctor. Astrologers strongly recommend showing activity, moving more, jogging, going to the pool or doing active sports. After all, this will not only strengthen the overall physical form, but also provide good immunity, which, Libra, is so often lacking.


Forecast of family life

For a long time, Libra may have an unpleasant feeling that they are ignored, do not understand and try to impose someone else's opinion. But, we hasten to warn you that this is absolutely wrong. Astrologers advise not to disregard compromises and direct their forces to a wave of reconciliation. Weights should use all their skills and talents to smooth out conflict situations and in all possible ways avoid disputes in the family circle. Do not let the problems go deep into your soul, because they are solved.


Many representatives of this sign are promised to move to a new house and major repairs. This will definitely add to the worries and will require a lot of your free time. Do not miss the opportunity to stay with close people and give them as much attention. An excellent way to consolidate a good relationship will be a joint trek or a trip to nature. Beware of everyday life and boring monotonous days.


Love Forecast

The love forecast for 2019 for Libra is quite comforting, but keep in mind that an unsettled life can spoil any relationship. A routine can easily destroy what you have been building for so long, if you just let it do it. Do not be afraid to pay attention and tell your loved one about your feelings. Libra, who are in a pair, waiting for a difficult period in family life. The dog will test your relationship for strength, to soon reward and reward all those who show the greatest endurance and patience. Do not sink and do not give yourself problems, enjoy life and set yourself up for positive, because in this case you will manage to avoid unpleasant situations.


Those who are in an active search for their half, the patroness of the year will give the opportunity to experience strong feelings, which are called love. Try not to succumb to your favorite business - doubts, because you risk missing a lot of opportunities just because you could not make a decision on time. Astrologers also pay attention to such a feature of Libra, as jealousy. She is able to destroy the warmest relations, so protect yourself and your mate from her and try to restrain your emotions without spilling them out on your loved one.


Forecast for business and career

Horoscope forecast for 2019 for the sign of the Zodiac Libra. Be attentive to the people who surround you and see that you are not alone. Just ask for help and support, and the team will gladly provide you with it. Do not blame everything on your shoulders. Try to avoid conflicts at work, this will not strengthen your positions in any way, but, rather, vice versa. Distribute the work evenly, without hitting it, and soon you will see the result of your work. The year is fruitful in order to replenish the reserves of its monetary depository, but for this it is worth keeping calm and cold prudence.


In general, you learned what awaits in 2019 those who were born under the sign of the Libra zodiac. The year promises to be fruitful both in the money issue and in the love sphere. The main thing that wants to wish Libra - to keep a clean mind and not to succumb to provocations, because in this case they are waiting for a lot of pleasant surprises and surprises.

Horoscope for 2019 Scorpio: women and men

Scorpions are people who are complex and often misunderstood by others. However, they have an incredible desire for life and all its manifestations. A person born under this sign has a solid core inside and a source of inexhaustible strength.


He has many plans, and therefore he will definitely be interested to know the forecast for 2019 for Scorpio. What will be remembered 365 calendar days? Does the forecast promise 2019 success for Scorpio? About what awaits you in the field of health, love, finances, career and relationships with relatives, you will learn in this article.


Health of Scorpio in 2019

During the year you will often come across a situation when the state of health will violate your plans and make you change the schedule not only for the coming day, but for a week or even a month. In the Year of the Dog 2019, astrologers advise Scorpio to show a little more attention to one's own body: watch out for its changes and signals that the body will feed. With this attitude to health, no sore will ever pass!


From the first days of January 2019 you can be knocked down by all sorts of psychological attacks from others. Stress and internal tension, can lead to diseases of the nervous system. This is followed by sleep disorders, decreased efficiency, apathy, loss of interest in life, headaches, drowsiness and many other unpleasant things that can stop the movement towards the goals set. What to do in this case? Learn to abstract from the situation: ignore biting phrases in your address, do not take everything happening to heart and do not hold resentment in the soul, then psychological problems will not bother you not only in winter, but throughout the year.


Horoscope for the Scorpions in 2019 warns: in the spring there is a great chance to start sneezing and itching, in other words, to become a hostage to allergies. Even if you have never been bothered by such a problem, it can suddenly appear. Be attentive and for the first anxious symptom, consult a doctor. Operative medical intervention will help you to recover quickly.


Summer is a customary for all period of holidays and travel to other countries. Astrologers call the Scorpions to extreme caution: do not rush to lean on exotic dishes. Something from tropical food can adversely affect the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Nobody wants to spend the whole vacation in bed?


In the autumn of 2019 you will be circumvented by all the typical diseases of this time of year. Neither the cold, nor the flu can not fight the strong immunity of Scorpio. However, there is a high probability of "picking up" the autumn melancholy. To feel happy and healthy, try to find for yourself an occupation that will fill you with energy. The stars portend success in any field. Open something for the soul. It can be yoga, meditation, sports and so on.


Scorpio's health will be in perfect order according to the horoscope's forecast for the scorpion for 2019 with the right inner mood and attention to all the needs of the body.


Love Forecast

Of course, we all want one in life, and Scorpio, who opened a horoscope for the Year of the Dog, will certainly pay attention to the point about love. In general, the horoscope forecast for the scorpion for 2019 is very comforting and even encouraging, although it will not do without difficulties. For scorpions of both sexes, we advise you to think about the feelings of your second half. Remember that treason gives only a short-term pleasure and brings with it more problems than joy. Those who have not yet found their soul, we recommend to continue searching and not be greedy for the first ones. And now let's move on to a more detailed horoscope.


Horoscope for women of scorpions for 2019

Representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio, whose heart is already occupied, throughout the year will tolerate various tests of the already established family harmony. The tension between you and the partner will grow from March to early June, that is, at the beginning of the summer, a hidden conflict can reach the point of apogee. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you need to learn to be gentle and supple. You can growl and need it, but only where it really is appropriate. Discuss with your man all that worries you. Astrologers, who made the forecast for the year 2019 for the Scorpions, are advised to conduct a conversation in the most tranquil environment: no reproaches and quarrels. So you can return the relationship to the usual course. End of the summer will please a pleasant pastime in the company of the second half. In the autumn, prepare for big and small surprises: take them from the partner with gratitude and love.


Lonely Scorpios, get ready for a passionate romantic adventure! The search for a man after a long time will finally justify all efforts. In the spring, expect a lot of romance and pleasant surprises. Summer shows how serious the intentions of your new partner. If this period goes smoothly, do not doubt: both autumn and winter you will spend in the status of a woman with an unfree heart. Astrologers advise to pay attention to Cancers, Pisces, Taurus and Aries.


Love horoscope for scorpions for 2019

The ardent Scorpios passion will want to change their passion! Flirtation is almost impossible to avoid, and the most reckless even decide on such a difficult step. Think and decide first of all for yourself how important your current relationship is. If you are so easily ready to trade stability for an instant rush, perhaps, just the wrong person is not right? Horoscope for the Scorpions in 2019 advises to resolve this issue before the summer, and then choose for themselves the appropriate tactics: strengthening relationships or finding a new partner.


March and April will be remembered as lonely Scorpios as months of love and fire! You can meet as a girl for one night, and a real strong partner in the future. Be more circumspect and choose a woman by purpose.


In general, the Year of the Dog and the planet Venus will patronize the Scorpions throughout all calendar days. Decide on the purpose and act! Just be more careful with your desires - in 2019 they will just come true.


Scorpio monetary horoscope for 2019

The main component of high and constantly increasing income in a year of friendly Dog will be teamwork. Do not try to take on all the obligations: it will only wear you out. Trust your colleagues, and then there will always be money in your pocket. Since the first days of work after the holidays, you can start to save money for any major purchase. Your well-being for all 365 days will meet all the requirements.


People of the zodiac sign Scorpio, who are interested in what awaits them in 2019, astrologers recommend in August to think about investing. It will be profitable to invest your own finances in real estate. Car, cottage, apartment - all this will bring you peace and joy.


October will be remembered by an interesting money adventure. You will have a chance to receive a large amount of money in a not quite legal way. This is a very risky undertaking, so think several times before you become a part of it. Check how reliable people surround you in this case.


November and December will be rich in a sudden profit: expect pleasant presents in an envelope from relatives and bonuses from superiors. Also, do not allow yourself to enter into a new year with debts: hand out all the loans and ask the debtors themselves to give the money. Such a step will become a guarantee of a good financial situation in the future.


Career Scorpio

As mentioned earlier, it is desirable to focus on collective creativity. Make sure that all duties are distributed fairly and reasonably. Astrologers warn: do not try to take on your shoulders as much as possible duties. Such a strategy will not make you richer, but will take more forces than you need. With a competent distribution of responsibilities as early as March, a horoscope for the representatives of the sign of Scorpio promises a serious increase in wages in 2019. It is the team approach to the business in the Year of the Dog that will help to obtain a stable large salary.


The stars promise a calm and measured work in their place: the increase expects only highly valuable employees in some narrow sphere. Also, the professionals of their business at the end of the year will have a chance to go to another city or country to work there. If the proposal is not urgent, think until 2019 and weigh all the pros and cons.


For the Scorpion bosses, rapprochement with subordinates will be useful. Sociable symbol of the year Dogs will patronize those who are ready to bring a friendly atmosphere to work: this will work more pleasantly for you and all subordinates. Having worked for the benefit of the team in winter and spring, you can reap the benefits of the new policy in the summer.


Relations with friends and family

Scorpions derive energy from other people, and therefore never are against new acquaintances. Very often this turns into a mental terror towards a new friend. For people of the sign Scorpio horoscope for the year Dogs promise to replenish the phone book. However, astrologers hasten to warn: do not attack a person and do not rush to entrust him with all the nooks of his own soul. Great fear is simply to lose a useful acquaintance: a person will be frightened by such a pressure and he will simply run away. Your salvation has always been and will be old friends. Someone, but they know exactly all your features and know how to communicate with you correctly. So the formula of close communication with other people for 2019 is quite simple and understandable: do not be too intrusive and do not forget about the tested people around you.


The family is your real home and a place of support and love. It is among the native people that Scorpio finds an outlet and understanding. The year of the dog will not bring any significant changes in the circle of relatives: everything will go as it did in 2017. Astrologers can only recommend that you do not tell the whole life of your relatives: some things can shock or deprive your loved ones of peace. Try to please your loved ones more and protect them from minor troubles in every possible way. In this case, you will always have a warm and cozy place, where you will always be accepted.


Horoscope for the smallest scorpions

Horoscope for 2019 is designed for babies born under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio. Your child has a very strong character and sometimes even can plug into the belt of any adult. In the coming year, he will be able to show the best aspects of his temperament, but without your support it will not be so easy. Little Scorpio can come up with anything, be patient and try not to resist the child's desires. Even if you had a section of sports in your plans, and the kid wants to play the piano, give him the will to choose his own hobby. Notice all the successes, even the smallest, and be sure to praise Scorpio. This will motivate new achievements.


Also, your child can bring news of the first love into the house. Do not worry about the youngster: he will not cross the line, but will only enjoy the first childhood feelings. At this stage, he needs moderate unobtrusive control and support. Be loving parents and try to understand and accept the child. Then the year of the Dog will be joyous not only for the little Scorpio, but for you.


It's time to sum up all of the above! Representatives of the constellation Scorpio horoscope for the year Dogs heralds a whole kaleidoscope of various events. You will succeed in almost any field. The most important thing is the correct attitude, self-confidence, control of feelings and attentiveness. In the year 2019, the dogs of the Scorpions will necessarily be at their best!