June 2019 Leo

In the second decade of June 2019, the Lions will have to focus their resources on the processes related to earnings. This is a good stage in order to strengthen the position of your business. All types of upgrades are welcome, but it is better not to touch on personnel changes. This is a great time for business trips and contracts with long-distance partners. Make decisions based on an instinctive understanding of what is happening. Now Pluto will give you the power to see and hear much more than usual. And most importantly - your ill-wishers (if they exist) will not understand this until it is too late for them. So concentrate and do what you need. Now you can successfully invest, and you can spend on a major acquisition. But better is not material.


The third decade of June 2019 for representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Leo will be the complete opposite of the previous stage. Now personal relationships will come to the fore and lonely Lions will feel especially good here. First, you will have a choice. Secondly, they will help you with advice, if in doubt. Thirdly, under certain circumstances you will be able to meet your true love, no more, no less. This is possible due to the unique location of the Moon, the energy of which will be favorable, although not dominant. That is why it is ideal to take a vacation specifically for this time and relax in all respects. As for Lviv family, the stars will give you a unique chance to transfer their relationship to a new level.

Horoscope Leo for July 2018

Beginning in July, Lions will meet with a desire to be alone, feel abandoned or want to be left behind. Also during this period your intuition will work wonders, so listen to it. But it does not last long, wait until the middle of the month!


But after July 12 (plus minus 3 days), you should expect a new load of duties on your shoulders, it is likely that the cares will be aggravated and that these worries will fall on your shoulders unexpectedly and be guessed like snow in the summer.


But the most important for Lviv will come at the end of the month!


I'll start with a long trend. Lions! It's your time, your high point. Which will come in the middle of the month! A year and a couple of months of the finest hour! A long trend that will change you for the better. You will feel the "expansion" of your personality, it is difficult to explain this phrase in a short horoscope for July, but I will try. Your personality will become more than you are, you will want more, you may wish to learn foreign languages ​​during this period, or you can gain weight. Over the next year or more, the Lions will set many new goals for themselves in different spheres of life (not the fact that you will achieve what you want, but you will have more goals). You will become more positive and cheerful, optimistic about looking at the world around you (compared to what you were before). Although with this you will become even more selfish. This is a very successful period in life, which happens once every 12 years!


Another change will occur with trips to short distances, learning differently, communicating with friends - these areas you have devoted a lot of energy to during the last 7 months. But at the end of July you will spend more energy on your home and family. The problems that were under the cloth in the family life will begin to manifest themselves and demand a solution, and so until September.


From July 26 (plus minus 5 days) there will come a very important period for Lviv, especially it will affect the Lviv of the first decade! This time for new beginnings, you will be full of energy, full of emotions, full of desire to create. For Lviv, wishing to conceive a child is a good time. Many Lions will want to change their image, especially women - this is a good period. In short, a new chapter in your life begins, and the closer your date of birth is to July 26, the more significant it will be!

Horoscope for 2019 Leo: women and men

If you have met a handsome, stately, arrogant and very ambitious person, do not even think about his sign of the zodiac, because it will surely be the Lion. Such people, like their patronizing animal, have great inner strength and energy.


Lions are born leaders. They can easily lead the crowd with them. Although people born under this sign are somewhat arrogant and have often exalted interests, but they, like everyone else, want to know the horoscope for 2019 for Leo. This year will come quickly and unexpectedly. It is important to be ready for everything. The next one will be very interesting for you, and a horoscope for Leo will tell you about it.


Health of lions in 2019


At the beginning of the year you will burst with excellent health! Yes, do not be surprised: even New Year parties and sleep face in the salad will not be able to tear down your immunity. Perhaps the first days of January, Lev will be a little hard to join during life, but then everything will go, as they say in the people, a little cheerful. Exacerbations of chronic diseases are not expected, there will be no unexpected infections either. The body itself gives you instruction and kindness at the beginning of a new healthy life! Winter is a great time to start going to the gym, if you have long wanted to make a habit of regular sports.


Careless flow of life can turn the head of Leo. At the end of summer, the risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is great. It may seem to you that winter and spring without health problems become stability, but everything is not so simple. Be reasonable and do not attack harmful food. Also, be sure to wash your hands before meals and check the expiry date of what will fall into your mouth. Also astrologers are very advised to observe the measure of alcohol consumption in order to maintain their own health. Pay more attention to the quality of products, this will save you from stomach problems in August.


The forecast for 2019 for lions advises to be as cautious as possible at the end of the year. In November and December, the destructive effect of Mars on the health of people born under this sign of the zodiac is foreseen. What does this mean? You will have a high risk of injury. A regular recommendation will be maximum accuracy in traffic. Try to pick up comfortable shoes, both for training and for walking along the street. Do not forget to warm up before going in for sports and do not make hasty sharp movements.


In general, Lev's health will be consistently good. Take care of yourself and your body, then you definitely will not have to go to doctors in the year of the dog!


Love horoscope


In 2019, Leo has every chance to find his soul mate. You represent one of the most passionate and loving signs, so lions pay attention to very many representatives of the opposite sex. One of the main tips that astrologers can give you is: listen to your heart and try to suppress your instincts and selfish motives. With this approach in the fall, when the influence of Venus will be maximized, you will be able to find a reliable partner for yourself.


Love Horoscope for Women of Lions for 2019

Lionesses looking for a soul mate are more likely to come together with representatives of less strong zodiac signs: Cancers, Pisces or Libra. Horoscope Leo for a year the dog advises to nurture a female beginning and not to seek for the love of weak people. If you dominate a man in a relationship, then both of you will be unhappy. Try to be weak and fragile in 2019, then the love will only increase, and make you happy. These recommendations apply to married Lionesses. Be softer with your home, especially in June and December (at this time, the influence of Mars on you will be especially high, hence - some hostility). Remember that for your husband and children your love and soft female energy are important. Praise your family, and this will lead to universal happiness.


Love Horoscope for Lion Men for 2019

You are a lion, handsome and handsome, living by the will of your own instincts. The beginning of the year will be remembered for you by numerous connections for one night. This is a great score in the piggy bank of your ego. However, if you want a serious relationship, look for a sweetheart in April. This month will be most favorable. In 2019, Lions are susceptible to the excessive influence of hormones, so the stars advise you to think not only the body, but also the mind, soul and heart. Life of married Lviv will be easy and good. September can give you an excuse and an opportunity for treason. Think carefully about your woman before you take this crucial step. Astrologers do not advise changing the family comfort for one-day enjoyment.


Financial horoscope for the lion for 2019

People of the sign of the zodiac Leo certainly wondered what awaits them in 2019 in terms of finance. This is not surprising, because they are very fond of money and various kinds of luxury goods. Life in abundance, which is accompanied by expensive entertainment and buying things from brands with a world-wide name, seems to the Lions as comfortable as possible. So what will be in their pocket throughout the year 2019?


If you describe the overall picture of the financial state of Leo for the whole year, then we can say one word: stability. Do not worry, you will have money. And they will be enough to live and even get out somewhere for the weekend, but whether the finance will flow like a cornucopia depends entirely on you.


As soon as New Year holidays pass, Lev will have a large number of opportunities to improve his material condition. Be careful not to miss a very interesting proposal. If you want to achieve an increase in the position and, accordingly, an increase in wages, January and February will be an excellent time for this! Do not hesitate to draw the attention of the authorities to your work, if you think that you deserve more than the current income. Chances are high that the boss will listen, and you will become richer!


Horoscope for Lviv in 2019 heralds an unexpected enrichment in August. However, be reasonable and do not lose all finances to the wind. It would be logical to postpone them for any major purchase. By the way, about them: the most favorable time for the acquisition of something expensive and significant will be October.


Astrologers warn Lviv that in 2019 the passion for gambling will not lead to good. If you were lucky in 2017, do not try fate in the year of the dog. Also, you should not spend large sums of money on entertainment - you risk staying completely without funds. Be reasonable!


Horoscope career for 2019

The dog as a symbol of this year will not give the Lions any barriers to reach career heights. Therefore, it will be quite easy to achieve success. The formula for success is simple to indecency: work, and everything will be. Of course, Leo would prefer to sunbathe in the sun with a cocktail in his hands and an expensive hotel behind his back, but for all this it is necessary to work hard. In 2019, your work duties will not suffer significant changes, and it will be enough for you simply to do what you know how. Do not forget about other aspects of successful career growth.


Horoscope for 2019 for people with the sign of the zodiac Leo advises paying special attention to relations with colleagues. Of course, in your working environment there are people who are extremely unsympathetic to you, but astrologers do not advise you to spoil relations with them in the year of the dog. Try to treat people with whom you work, if not with kindness in your heart, then at least with indulgence. Your good attitude even to those people who are simply annoying you, will bear fruit already in the second half of 2019. Otherwise, Lev's colleagues, on the contrary, can contribute not only to demotion, but also loss of work.


Regardless of whether you work for yourself or for "uncle," in 2019, the surrounding people will play a big role for you. Try to make as many as possible acquaintances and show people their best features. Some of the "fleeting" meetings will turn out to be something more: new interesting work, true partners or something that will contribute to the development of you as an employee. Do not be afraid to offer cooperation to people interesting to you. Working together with someone, you not only earn large sums, but also get a lot of fun.


Let's sum up: the main secret of success in work for Lviv will be communication. Be friendly and get ready for riches!


Friendship and relationships with the relatives of lions in 2019

Horoscope for 2019 for Lviv hurries to warn you and give a little instruction, but about everything in order. Near to you there are always a lot of people who value you as a good friend and strong personality. You, in turn, also cherish the people who surround you. However, Lviv has one not the best feature. They are prone to value judgment even about the closest people. Be lenient to friends - this will help to maintain and strengthen long-term friendship. Astrologers portend to you a very funny party! In order for 2019 to leave in your memory bright shots of class revelry, settle for all the adventures from friends. In addition, the coolest days you spend, almost without spending money. So if you are called on a hike or on a friendly get-together, get out of the house!


As for relations among relatives, in this respect, it is almost impossible to find fault with many Lions. Lions love it when the whole family gathers for the holidays. They like to have a great time together with their family, where they are always in the center of attention. The stars advise the Lions to follow their own behavior. It is possible that at some point you are too demanding to close ones. Lions are inclined to "terror" their own relatives. Interestingly, they do not even notice it. The forecast for 2019 for Lviv strongly recommends being kinder and more tolerant of relatives, especially during summer holidays.


Children's Lion Horoscope for 2019

Speaking about the horoscope for 2019 for Lviv, it is worthwhile to tell about what awaits the smallest representatives of this sign of the zodiac. Lions are very cheerful and restless kids. At the same time, when it comes to favorite pursuits, they calm down and do everything in the most concentrated way. If your baby suddenly wilts or is sad, do not lead him around the psychology and do not try to entertain with all sorts of toys. The main "cure" for the spleen for lions will be a new hobby. Astrologers recommend giving the child technical knowledge: give him a book on mathematics or tell in simple words about physics. An inspired lion will again be cheerful and cheerful.


Lviv, who already went to school, has no problems with his studies. All the objects in the year of the dog will be given to them with ease, your task here is to remember to praise and encourage the child so that his motivation will not disappear and grow. Also, your child in one day can bring home the news of great and pure love. Be careful and with understanding, refer to the luminous feelings of the Lion cub: in you he will look first and foremost an adviser and friend.


In the summer, try to provide the child Leo with a variety of recreation. Let part of the summer he will be in the city, part - in the camp or at his grandmother, and also go to relax with you. This will have a beneficial effect on health, both physical and mental, and in 2019 your child will be absolutely healthy.


It's time to sum up: the horoscope for 2019 for Lviv portends, basically, only positive events. Year of the dog will be an excellent start for a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Career growth and financial situation will depend on your work and ability to communicate with colleagues and clients. The most important thing: believe in yourself and your strength. In this case, 2019 will be magical!

Horoscope for April 2018 Lion

The second decade of April 2018 will be calm and harmonious. Everything will be simple and understandable. Lions will still be able to allocate time for themselves, to rest, to bring themselves in order and to restore strength. In your spare time go for shopping, shop for yourself some utensils, visit the spa or beauty salon, change your hairstyle or get a ticket to the fitness club. There you will be able to get acquainted with new people, as well as correct not only your physique, but also the way of life. Do not forget to be interested in the affairs of your household. Check out the kids lessons, discuss the latest news with your partner, arrange a family walks or dinner, forgetting about the current affairs and everyday fuss. The mood will be greatly enhanced by the fact that you will not muffle your true desires by virtue of various circumstances and do at least one of them. But not only bread people are fed. Spiritual food is also important, as well as material goods. Read more useful literature, go to the theater, bring the children to the circus. The more impressions you have, the happier you will feel.

The third decade of April 2018 is a great time to start creating comfort and comfort in your family spit. Take a few days off and do repairs or refurbish the interior, change furniture, change wallpaper or textiles. Fresh ideas embodied in the interior design of your home will help relieve tension and a little distract from everyday affairs. The house will be cozy and will be filled with warmth. But having got rid of the old things, you clear the space for the flow of new energy. At the end of the month, some Lions will have a trip to another city. The goal may be both worker and personal issues. Despite the true reasons, it is not worth traveling alone. Take a loved one with you. It will bring you closer and help you get to know each other better.

Horoscope for February 2018 Leo

February 2018 is a star time for those born under the sign of the Zodiac Leo. During this period, the Lions will be able to clear their living space, get rid of inhibiting the development of factors, people who prevent growth and prosperity, as well as all rubbish, both in their own homes and in their thoughts. Such a general cleaning will give the feeling of absolute freedom that the Lions use to achieve their goals and fulfill their cherished dream. Lions will become truly kings, rulers of their life and destiny. They themselves will begin to build their lives as they see fit, and will not look back at others. Independence from public opinion will help to open your potential, to discover and develop in yourself new talents and abilities, about which you previously did not guess. To be able to catch good luck for the tail, Lions need to become more flexible and quirky, which will help them to survive in any living conditions and adapt to any circumstances. The representatives of your sign of the Zodiac have a core, thanks to which they have the strength of will, the ability to carry out what they have begun to the end and always to achieve their own. Just do not confuse stubbornness with purpose, because everyone is prone to make mistakes, even kings. Be wise and prudent. Remember that the most sincere critic is your enemy or competitor. Only he can give an objective assessment of your actions and chosen tactics. And if you listen, you will have a great opportunity to eliminate shortcomings and mistakes in order to become even better.

Horoscope for January 2018 Leo

Under the favorable effect of the planetary aspects, representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Leo in January 2018 are expected to improve their financial situation and achieve a certain stability in this plan. Count on a fast career growth is not necessary. Stars do not advise representatives of your sign to change their place of work or type of professional activity. To open their own business, January is also not the most suitable period. Lions will be tempted to offer, but do not make rash acts and make serious decisions without first thinking it over. Those who were born under the constellation of the Lion, this month should direct all their energy and energy to strengthen the previously achieved positions, establish useful contacts and relations in the team, and also try to address all important issues in an informal atmosphere. Such tactics exclude the possibility of the appearance of a negative and presumes that there is no discrimination in relation to the positions held between the Lions and potential business partners.

The first decade of January 2018 will be rich in various trips, business trips, travel. Even if the upcoming trip will be directly connected with the performance of official duties, the Lions should diversify it and combine it with rest. You can take your family with you or go on a trip together with your loved one. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: solve the working problems, and spend time in the company of relatives and loved ones. Most of the initial period of the month, Lions will spend on collecting information, professional and personal development, the accumulation of new knowledge and experience. All this will be done to strengthen its status, both among colleagues at work and among close associates. The beginning of the first month of 2018 will be marked by harmony in all spheres of life of representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Leo. Since many of you have not managed to achieve your goals in the previous period, you will have an excellent opportunity to finish what was started in the first decade of January. Lions had a hard time last year, they fought hard for the right to be happy and successful, and honestly deserved a decent reward for their efforts. Horoscope advises not to delay the holidays and quickly restore their strength, so that by the beginning of the second week of January, with all the enthusiasm and enthusiasm, to start active action. If the representatives of your Zodiac sign will be able to correctly distribute their forces and resources, then the success is waiting for you at the end of this month. At the same time, do not overload yourself with work. There is a possibility that the forces will quickly run out, and the Lions may become depressed, interest in everything will drastically drop, and you will not be able to take advantage of deserved advantages and gifts of fate.

Horoscope for January 2018 LEO

January 2018 for Lviv promises to be smooth and stable, without any ups and downs. Now you can enjoy peace and tranquility, you will not have a reason for experiencing. This month, it is advised not to take any serious steps, because the consequences can be unpredictable.

Just relax, go with the flow and for sure soon in your life there will be changes.


Also in January, the Lions are advised to show their independence and individuality. However, do not be afraid to share your ideas and plans with those you trust. Surely, in this way, you will be able to hear an opinion from the side about what you are doing.


Love, family.


In the first month of 2018, especially in its first half, most of the Lions will be attuned to a romantic mood. Lonely representatives of this sign of the zodiac of the stars prophesy a fateful meeting, and the Lions who are in current relations, now can enjoy the harmony and tranquility in the pair. Family Lions will be useful to spend more time with their family. Take a trip with your relatives somewhere to rest and try not to ruin the idyll, paying too much attention to negative aspects. Any sharp corners can be quickly smoothed if desired. Also the horoscope advises the Lions in this period to pay attention to their parents who need care. Try to give them even a little of their free time, for them it is very important.


Career, finances.

In the professional sphere, the affairs of Lviv will develop very slowly and calmly. However, to lose vigilance is highly discouraged, because, as the horoscope asserts, now there is a possibility that someone has decided to substitute you. Therefore, try to concentrate as much as possible on your work and avoid blunders. Take your responsibilities extremely responsibly and check the work done several times before submitting it to the superiors. Thus, you will be able to avoid problems. Also, perhaps you will have some red tape with papers. That no detail falls out of sight, act in stages, without haste. Then you will soon cope with your affairs and will be satisfied with the results. Speaking about the financial situation, January will be absolutely stable for Lviv. No significant expenditure is not foreseen, but it is not worth counting on particularly large profits.




In terms of health, January will be quite favorable for Lviv, but by the middle of the month there may be a cold disease or chronic disease will be inflamed towards the end of the month. Therefore, pay more attention to strengthening immunity, dress accordingly to the weather, do not stay in the cold for too long and play sports.

Horoscope for December 2017 Leo

In December, a lot of tests will fall on the share of the Lions. However, one should not take everything too close to heart. Try to look at this world a little easier, then it will be much easier for you to cope with the difficulties that arise. Also, you should not rush things, because hasty decisions can bring disharmony into your life.

Love Horoscope for December 2017 Leo

If you believe the horoscope for December, throughout the month the representatives of this zodiacal sign will be the heroes of parties, the initiators of visits to relatives and friends, a participant of all sorts of entertainment events. However, it is possible that the beloved Lions still have some conflicts. There are also possible problems with children, however, any quarrels will soon be over.

Horoscope of career and finance for December 2017 Leo
Now the Lions, unfortunately, will not manage to solve problems in one fell swoop. Although this situation, in principle, does not require. At work, your power will be important. During this period, you can improve relations with business partners and put things in order in papers and documents. If the Lions are thoughtful, their relationship with their employees, as well as the implementation of new plans, will undoubtedly form in favor of the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac.

According to the horoscope as of December 2017, this month, Lion-servants can quietly seek help from their colleagues, and superiors can rely entirely on their subordinates, even when solving very important issues. It is not excluded that the third decade of December will bring about significant changes in Lviv - they will receive advantageous proposals for new work or partnership. Therefore New Year's holidays Lions, most likely, will meet in a fine mood.

Mutual relations of Lviv with money will also be stable and will not present any unpleasant surprises. In December, the amount of money on the accounts of Lviv can significantly increase. True, the needs of your family will also increase in this period, but you should not worry, because you do not have to endure the need for December in Lviv.

Horoscope of health for December 2017 Leo

December is a golden time for you, so your festive mood can not overshadow anything. Life potential of Lviv - at a sufficiently high level, and therefore health problems are not expected.

Horoscope for November 2017 Leo

In the third decade of November 2017 in family relations, the Lions, under the influence of Venus, will become more patient, and will easily compromise. This behavior will give its results, due to which the relationship will become more trustful and warm. Lonely representatives of your Zodiac sign stars are not advised to climb onto the trouble and energetically seek their soul mate. The time will come, she will show herself, and while you are engaged in yourself, develop, communicate, have fun. It's time to switch from flying sports to winter sports, perhaps it makes sense to get a couple of simulators or buy a subscription to a fitness club. Also try not to travel by transport to work, but to get on foot. Give up the elevator, go up the stairs. Physical exercises are very effective not only in terms of strengthening the body, but also in terms of obtaining a positive charge of energy and fighting a bad mood.

Horoscope for October 2017 Leo

In the third decade of October 2017, under the favorable influence of the aspects of Venus, the Lions will be able to arrange everything in their places, to understand the relationship with close friends, loved ones, relatives and children. You do not need to do anything for this, everything will settle itself. Family life Leo will be interesting enough due to frequent guests, noisy companies and exciting trips. But the Lions alone, in the final period of the month, it is necessary to expect a fateful meeting with a representative of the opposite sex. Relationships will develop slowly, but they have a great and happy future. Take care of your health during this period. It would be nice to include in your diet rich in vitamins and cellulose products, eat chocolate, it raises the mood.