Horoscope June 2019 Taurus

The second decade of June 2019 for Taurus, under the favorable influence of planetary aspects, will be even more dynamic and successful period of the first summer month. Now topical ideas will give the first shoots, but do not focus financial assets in your hands, let them work. The middle of the month is optimal for investments, not savings. If you are not sure - do not waste time, ask for help and you will be given good advice. If controversial situations arise within a family hearth, do not change sides because of one personal sympathy. Now you should not try to reconcile opposing positions, it is better to help one of them and resolve the conflict as quickly as possible. On the love front, you also need a kind of blitzkrieg, a small victorious war, in which you will act aggressively and without further reasoning. But if you doubt yourself, you better retreat, this is not the time for half measures.


The third decade of June 2019 representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Taurus will provide the opportunity to fully unleash their creative potential. The end of the month is especially good for writers, artists, speakers. If possible, it is advisable for athletes to schedule competitions for this period, since the astrological situation indicates the peak of physical activity. This is a great time for treatment, so if there is such a need - do not postpone it. Pay attention to representatives of the older generation during this period, and be surprised at how much you can learn. Look for everyday wisdom, do not lift your head too high, otherwise stumble and fall. For single Taurus, time is ideal in terms of decisive steps. Families of your zodiac sign are recommended to come to a compromise and plan something bright and massive. The month will end with a positive event, and you may well become its initiator. This is the time of activation of internal reserves, it does not tolerate delay or calculations of only half the power.

Horoscope Taurus for July 2018

Quite a significant month for Taurus, pleasant, kind and promising. At the end of the month there will be a new long-term trend - for a year and a couple of months, one short-term for, almost, 2 months. But this is all in order.


The beginning of the month will be devoted to communication, short distance trips and training.


July 12, plus minus 3 days, you can expect a new project, or you can go somewhere far, get acquainted with foreigners or start learning something new.


In the middle of the month, Teltsov expects a new trend, a new important cycle in life. During the past year and almost 3 months, the Taurus have spent more goals and energy and felt "expansion" in such spheres of life as: communication, training, trips to short distances. Now comes a new period in your life - family and home. Within the next year and several months, the Taurus will have "expansion" and new goals in domestic affairs. You can decide to do expensive repairs, buy new furniture, even buy a new house. Strengthen and family relations, they will become more optimistic and joyful, you will feel more comfort and safety at home.


From July 21, you will have new responsibilities in partnership, or you will be lonely, something important will happen that will bring more clarity and clarity to what needs to be done to strengthen close relations, or for single Taurus who want to find a relationship, what you need to do yourself. The sphere of friendship and relations will no longer be "hanging" in the air.


The second, short-term trend from July to September will come on the 27th. During the last 7 months you spent a lot of energy on health, work, duties at work. Can go in for sports, or take an active part in projects. It is likely that there were scandals with employees. Now, from July 27, Taurus will spend more energy on relationships, with loved ones and partners. On the one hand - it's good, you will spend more time with your partner or partner, and maybe decide to build new relationships or look for them. And on the other hand, during this period you will expect more scandals with partners, and you and they will begin to bend their line more. One thing I can say for sure, your partner life will be more active, you are waiting for new novels, new projects and much more.


28 days, plus minus 4 days, expect something new associated with the house and family. This will be a good start, most likely new plans and ideas. They will be expensive and fashionable.

Horoscope for 2019 Taurus: women and men

Taurus are hardworking and very persistent people in achieving their goals. They are very fond of comfort and order, so they always have a cozy home. People born under the sign of the calf, though seemingly cold, are actually very gentle and friendly.


Despite some phlegmatic and skepticism, they still want to know their future. Therefore, they are interested in the horoscope for 2019 for Taurus. What awaits the people of this sign in the new year? Will they be successful in work, in love, in farm management and in family relationships? Success - that's what Taurus cares about first and if it works well in 2019, then it will definitely find it. The horoscope for the coming year is divided into spheres of life.


Health of the bull in 2019

Year of the dog promises for Taurus a high risk of diseases of the urinary system. With negligence and lack of prevention, the probability of acquiring such ailments as cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis is great. To prevent these diseases, it is sufficient to avoid hypothermia, lead a healthy lifestyle and undergo a medical examination on time.


The year 2019 can bring Taurus problems with the liver. To maintain your own health, we advise you not to abuse alcohol and fatty foods.


The health of Taurus in the year of the dog is especially affected by its bad habits. Smoking, alcohol or the most ordinary laziness can worsen and reach its peak. To ensure that from the horoscope on Taurus's health in 2019 only good predictions were realized, it is necessary to get rid of all bad habits. Year of the dog will be very successful in getting rid of addictions, so dare!


To the above harmful habits, you can add and excessive love of work, in other words, workaholism. Purposeful Taurus often forget about everything in work, and sometimes it transcends all boundaries. Try to keep balance and rest on time!


In general, the horoscope for calves in 2019 does not portend serious health problems. Virtually all ailments are easily avoided by observing simple rules. Do not forget to regularly undergo a full medical examination, eat fresh natural food and move more. Do not forget to look for balance in everything, because he leads a person to inner calmness and balance. Look at life with a smile, do not overload yourself with business and learn to rest and then the body will tell Taurus thanks and make you feel good! 2019 will give you a great start for a new happy and, most importantly, healthy life.


Love horoscope for the year of the dog for the bull


The horoscope for the coming year does not give Taurus promises of dizzying novels or ice-cold love adventures. Now is the most favorable period for, as they say in the people, "settle down", to find a quiet harbor in a quiet family life. Try very scrupulously to approach the issue of choosing a partner, do not rush to the neck of everyone you meet, even if in your life there has not been a second half for a long time. Open your heart for the best feelings that you can plunge into. Horoscope for 2019 for representatives of the sign Taurus, whose hearts are already occupied, predicts the usual and measured course of life. Your mutual love will only grow stronger over time.


Love horoscope for 2019 for men

It is known that a man born under the sign of Taurus, has a remarkable appeal and a manly beginning. It is difficult to resist the charm of such an intelligent and strong person, therefore there are always many women around the representatives of the sign of the earthly element. We advise you in the new 2019 to choose your partner carefully, the good is always, on whom to put an eye. Try to listen not only to the mind, but also the heart. Harmony in everything will lead you to happiness! Protect your passion if you have already found a soul mate, and do not skimp on gifts and compliments for her.


Love horoscope for 2019 for women

Lonely careerists - Taurus are more focused on their work than on their personal lives. In the whirlwind of events, do not forget that we all need love! Look around carefully: the Year of the Dog will bring you a reliable man who will greatly change your life. It is also very likely that the new partner will also become a loyal colleague in the conduct of business. Together, you can achieve even greater heights than individually. Married Taurus stars accompany in the creation of home comfort. If you are planning a pregnancy, now is the time to think seriously about children. This year will help in all good endeavors!


Monetary horoscope

If your star sign is Taurus, then the horoscope for the year of the dog promises you incredible luck and dizzying success! Money is one of the most important incentives for you, as it symbolizes stability, peace, comfort and security. Who, if not Taurus, will be able to earn, accumulate and increase his capital. Many famous Taurus have whole states. In support of these words, one can quote Mikhail Prokhorov.


In 2019, Taurus should continue to go to its goal and confidently move up the career ladder, albeit not as fast as you would like it to be. The pleasant news for Taurus will be that throughout the year representatives of this sign will not have significant problems with money. Despite this, you still need to monitor your income and expenses so as not to be in an unpleasant situation. In January, the stars do not advise Taurus to spend a lot of money and make large purchases. Do not become miser, but do not waste all your income. Money for life just enough, but serious purchases should be postponed until the summer or at least until the middle of spring. In May, be prepared for a sudden enrichment: you can get a large amount of money from your relatives or real estate. The forecast for 2019 for Taurus does not exclude bonuses from superiors.


As for investments in third-party projects, here you need to exercise maximum caution. Carefully study all the nuances and pitfalls: it is likely to simply lose your own money. Astrologers predict the success of investments and work in IT and in the service sector. Pay special attention to them.


If to generalize, the money from Taurus will be the whole year! It is important not to stop at work and be reasonable in your spending.


Career forecast for 2019


Work for the bull is not even the second, and often the first and only house. Representatives of this "horned" sign are very persistent in their work, ready to work on wear and tear to obtain the desired result. However, they will not work for free: Taurus knows its own worth and will never allow the employer to deceive himself. They can become the most valuable and productive employee in comfortable conditions. It is desperate diligence that will help the Taurus in the new year, however, as well as the rest of the time.


Owners of their own business stars promise a successful working year. After the New Year holidays and until the middle of the spring you do not expect anything unusual. Things will proceed fairly routine. This is actually good, because the horoscope for the year 2019 for the bull does not portend anything wrong in this period. After the May vacation, astrologers advise businessmen to go deeper into work, because in the summer your business will expect a sharp rise. Of course, it will bring a large amount of money. If you have people in your subordination, do not skimp on paying for their work: in the future it will pay off.


For people under the command of the boss, the stars also have a very positive outlook. All year you will be very successful and enthusiastic to fulfill all your duties. This will strengthen relations with colleagues and increase your credibility in the eyes of the boss. The perfect time for vacation is August. From October to December, expect a pleasant cash bonus. Its volume will depend solely on your efforts.


Taurus rarely has problems at work. Promotion on the career ladder is a standard course of life for them, and 2019 will be an excellent springboard for reaching new heights. Continue to work, and everything will come itself!


Friendship and relationships with relatives

Only time-tested people stay with you for a long time. If your star sign is Taurus, then you know exactly what waits for you in 2019: work, work, work (or any other sphere of life that completely absorbs you) ... It has always been so, and so few people manage to withstand frequent disappearance in their own hobbies. And at the same time, faithful and patient people acquire a real friend. Although your meetings are not so often, they are filled with warmth, joy and fun. Also Taurus is always ready to break from the spot and come to the rescue.


In 2019 astrologers advise you to always keep in mind one very wise proverb: an old friend is better than the new two. People who have been with you for a long time have already been tested by time, by sorrows, and by joys. New acquaintances, although they seem interesting, can bring a lot of pain. This does not mean that you should not make friends. Just be circumspect and do not open all your secrets before the first person in front. Many people want to take advantage of your kindness and disinterestedness. Especially it concerns colleagues and not the most reliable girlfriends. Protect your life and all that you value from bad people!


In a family circle, everything may not seem as smooth as we would like. The forecast for 2019 for Taurus says that the most difficult months may be November and March. However, all conflicts can be easily avoided: do not forget about relatives. Call or write to them, be interested in their affairs. Be sure to meet them on New Year's holidays, in May or in the summer. Try not to create conflict situations.


Children's horoscope for calf for 2019

Taurus are beautiful adorable babies. They are very trusting and curious, therefore it is very easy to deceive them. Despite this, your baby will be a great helper! He is always happy to make Mom and Dad happier. In 2019, your child will discover new horizons, and your main task is to support the baby in a difficult, but very interesting process of mastering the world.


The most important thing that you need to focus on first and foremost and what the horoscope recommends for Taurus in 2019 is the issue of child upbringing and safety. You need to talk with him about what kind of people you can trust and about the dangers of strangers on the street. Do not frighten Taurus, so that he does not take all the hostility, and try to be as laconic as possible and clearly explain to him the rules of safety. If you have already done so, do not be lazy to repeat your words.


Year of the dog is great for getting a pet. If your baby has long asked for a cat, doggie or any other living creature, decide on the purchase of a furry friend in 2019. Do not worry about caring for the pet. Your child will be very successful in this matter, and he will try to fulfill all his duties.


For teenage calves, the end of winter can be difficult. Carefully observe the mood of your child in order to come to the rescue in time. Do not meddle in the soul: just show that you are near.


July will be an excellent time for a trip to the summer camp: this month the child will be able to prove himself as much as possible.


We can safely say that the year of the dog will be very successful for Taurus. With work and finances, no problems are foreseen, health at the careful attitude towards it will not fail, and love will find the one who is looking for it. Now it's up to you. Compiled by astrologers horoscope for calves in 2019 gives you every chance of success.

Horoscope for April 2018 Taurus

The second decade of April 2018 will be much calmer and more harmonious than the beginning of the month. Representatives of your zodiac sign will have enough time to spend it not at work, but in close circles of their loved ones. The horoscope recommends the middle of the month to spend with your loved one. You can go on a weekend in another city, get acquainted with its sights, visit famous places, get acquainted with new people or just relax and change the situation. If you do not want to leave your hometown, you can arrange a home revolution. For example, change the rights and responsibilities for one day. It will entertain you and contribute to rapprochement. Moreover, you and your loved one begin to understand each other better than you will cause even more confidence. Excessive emotionality can shake a little family idyll. Try not to be annoyed by trifles and not to tear your indignation on the closest ones just because they are always at hand. Show more patience, respect your relatives, because they are your fortress, which will protect you from any disturbances.

The third decade of April 2018 will bring the Taurus a lot of joy and pleasant moments. To the huge surprise of others, the representatives of your zodiac sign will show unprecedented patience and indulgence. And all because absolute harmony reigns in life, and all its spheres will be balanced among themselves. Taurus will feel peace and tranquility, which was so lacking in the past. But they deserve it and now they can fully enjoy this state. It's time to harvest. Taurus can count on a good fee or on lucrative business proposals that they have earnestly sought. Your professionalism, punctuality and responsibility will be appreciated, which will have a beneficial effect on the financial sector and on relationships with people around you. Try to avoid stellar disease, because now you just reach the peak of your glory.

Horoscope for February 2018 Taurus

For the Taurus in February 2018, the green light will burn in all directions. Taurus will become more relaxed, open and sociable, thanks to which new friends, friends, admirers will appear, which will fill the life with meaning, make it brighter, more dynamic and more interesting. Happiness will smile at the representatives of your Zodiac sign, and Fortune will turn his face. For those Taurus who thought that the bad luck belt will never end, it will be easy and simple, everything will fall into place, problems that have not been solved earlier will be solved. Energy and healthy optimism will attract to Taurus many interesting personalities who will help implement plans and implement ideas. Taurus this month will enlist the support of close people, which will give even more confidence in the future in the successful outcome of all the cases started. Extraordinary situations and circumstances in February will not arise, provided that the hypocritical representatives of your Zodiac sign do not themselves complicate their lives. Do not inflate problems where they are not. Be simpler and more rational. You have great opportunities for success and a breakthrough in professional and personal growth. The most important cases and projects that require concentration, care and non-standard solutions should be brought to the forefront this month. Do not expect that success itself will float to your hands. Be ready to work hard and do your best to get what you want and achieve a decent result.

Horoscope for January 2018 Taurus

January of 2018 for Taurus is a wonderful period for general self-development, expansion of horizons, and also search for potential business partners. This month Taurus can spend his money without worrying about the expediency of buying. Taurus can earn money and know how to properly dispose of them, and the location of the planets in the first month of the year will favorably affect the commodity-money relations of representatives of your Zodiac sign, and all acquisitions will be more than successful and profitable. Especially successful will be such acquisitions as real estate, car, and other serious purchases. The final period of the month will be the most intense, because it is at this time that the Taurus will be showered with job offers, as well as requests for help. Taurus will have to make quick and careful decisions and take responsibility.

In the first decade of January 2018 the Taurus will have the opportunity to move up the career ladder or take the first steps towards achieving their goal. Close people will become the most reliable and faithful helpers in implementing ideas, so Taurus needs to stop being modest and it's better to start sharing your thoughts about your plans and goals. Most Taurus have hobbies that take up almost all of their thoughts. In the beginning of January this year, representatives of your zodiac sign will be able to make a profession from the hobby, improve the knowledge base in the region of interest and gain practical experience. Do not be afraid to go to a new level and improve what is given by nature, you just need to get bold and take the first step. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first, but the result will be pleasantly unexpected. Try to meet people who have already achieved a lot in the area that is of interest to you, read more thematic literature, watch video seminars, master classes, sign up for courses. The wider the area of ​​knowledge, the more effectively you use your own time. The only obstacle to self-development can be inherent instability, as well as uncertainty about success. If you do not discard all these negative qualities, you can miss your chance to realize yourself and just go with the flow, without even trying to change something.

Horoscope for January 2018 Taurus

The beginning of 2018 will be very promising and successful for most representatives of the sign of the Taurus zodiac. Pleasant impressions are waiting for you both in your personal life and professional life.

Probably, some Taurus will be drawn to adventure, and they will poison themselves entertained in another city or country. Horoscope notes that if you still can at least briefly change the situation and relax, then it will only benefit you.


After a great time away from the hustle and bustle, Taurus can even think about changing jobs. The stars say that you should not be afraid to take on a new business, you will surely be lucky. In addition, when this goal is achieved, this sign of the zodiac will be distinguished by extreme persistence and perseverance.


Love, family.


In January of the new year, Taurus' personal life will develop quite favorably. Many representatives of this sign of the zodiac, who are in a permanent relationship, will show more care and attention to their beloved person. Now you will learn to cope with yourself and calmly solve household issues, which used to cause only irritation and constant arguments. Family Taurus during this period also will not complain about life. The stars promise you a great time in the circle of loved ones. Perhaps you will travel together with your family. And free Taurus now will be extremely attractive to members of the opposite sex. There is a possibility that among the many potential partners will be one with whom you can build a really strong love relationship. The main thing is not to rush things, let everything go on as usual.


Career, finances.

In the professional sphere of January, Teltsov expects positive changes. So, you will have the opportunity to improve your skills and get a promotion. Surely you have long wanted to take this position and, having achieved your goal, do your best to keep positions. In addition, such a breakthrough in business will give Taurus confidence. The unemployed representatives of this sign of the zodiac will also smile good luck. Probably, you will be able to find a new job, and, according to the horoscope, it can differ radically from your previous employment place. Despite this, you will be satisfied with this option. In terms of finance, the Taurus will also have everything to go well. In addition to stable earnings, now it is likely that you will be repaid in full, which will greatly improve your financial situation. Any financial operations of Taurus will bring success.




In January, the Taurus will not have a reason to worry about their health. However, at the end of the month, a sore throat may suddenly appear. In this case, it is advised to cure the disease as soon as possible, otherwise, complications may arise. As the horoscope notes, Taurus also will be useful to do body culture, for example, start running, enroll in a course of massage or other health procedures.

Horoscope for December 2017 Taurus

December is preparing for Taurus trials, which can not be called easily resolved. During this month, representatives of this zodiacal sign will have to do a lot of things - to solve a number of everyday problems, learn to be more reserved, not to depend on surrounding people or circumstances. However, despite such a complex horoscope, Taurus has enough patience and vitality to cope with the problems that have piled on them.

Love horoscope for December 2017 Taurus

For many families in December will be an important improvement of life. Although the solution of domestic problems Taurus has already started last month, but this time it will be more pleasant problems associated with the acquisition of something new. If you believe a horoscope for December, with a change of residence Taurus will manage to cope with problems that previously seemed unsolvable.

Stars advise Taurus to give due attention to their children, who need love, affection and care. For the love relationship during this period, reflection and revision of those positions that until quite recently seemed to be optimal are characteristic. For those representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Taurus, who had to experience the collapse of parting, the stars are preparing a new meeting, capable of radically changing their lives.

Horoscope of career and finance for December 2017 Taurus

The financial situation on the eve of the New Year will be unclear for both you and your partners and colleagues. And it is the financial side of their work that Taurus will have to clear up throughout this month. Disagreements with associates and domestic conflicts that will not be resolved overnight are not ruled out. Still, the third decade of December will be especially successful, because quarrels and squabbles will cease, and the financial situation will stabilize.

As in November, relations with foreign colleagues will develop rapidly this month. In addition, it is the partners from abroad, most likely, will help stabilize the financial situation. The December 2017 horoscope also notes that the development of the new business of Taurus can continue in other cities. This will have a positive impact on its financial independence and well-being.

Horoscope of health for December 2017 Taurus
According to the horoscope as of December 2017, in the beginning and the middle of the month, the Taurus will be constantly irritated by trifles, their fatigue and deterioration of working capacity will be noticeable. This, first of all, is associated with a decrease in their energy potential. Fortunately, towards the end of December the energy sector will be restored, and the Taurus will be able to safely complete the business started.

Horoscope for November 2017 Taurus

In the third decade of November 2017 you are waiting for tempting offers that bring maximum benefit to your business - you can safely conclude deals, sign contracts and make plans to expand the business. Under the influence of Venus and Mercury, Taurus, during this period, will become even more domesticated and loving spouses than they have been until now, but all because the family for the representatives of your Zodiac sign is the most important and important value in life, everything else is just attendant and secondary elements. Although the Taurus are full of energy, ambition and creative ideas, all they do is just for the sake of the well-being of their loved ones. They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, strength and energy and the most powerful engine of their progress. It is not at all surprising that Taurus will send all of its most tender and trembling feelings to his family. Lonely representatives of your Zodiac sign should not obsessively look for a soul mate. She's near you. Just let go of the situation, and you will see that you are loved and worshiped. Taurus at the end of November this year, it's better to look under your feet, rather than hover in the clouds. After all, the stronger the soil under your feet, the clearer the sky above your head. So, that forward and with optimism for life!

Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus

In the third decade of October 2017, Taurus is waiting for excellent results in business negotiations with potential investors. Attracting new customers and patrons will be rewarded. In the final period of the month, you can wait for the order to transfer to a higher position or raise the salary. With finances, you do not have problems. But try not to spend much money during this period. It is better to start saving and rejoice in a weighty acquisition closer to the new year. Try to stay out of all discussions, quarrels and conflicts. They do not need you now. Direct all your energy to achieve your goals and increase professionalism. Do not forget about business etiquette. You have a great sense of humor, but tell all your most exclusive jokes to your friends, not at a meeting. In the sphere of love, Taurus will be luckier than any other sign of the Zodiac. And all because Taurus are so realistic that they do not harbor any illusions and do not embellish their potential partners. They are well versed in people, so the relationship that will be tied up in this period, will be very promising. Family representatives of your zodiac sign expect pleasant changes at home, related to the change of the interior and pleasant surprises from a loved one. You, in turn, need to be more patient and not afraid to go beyond the mouth