Horoscope for 2018 Gemini

People who were born under the sign of Gemini will treat life easily, they will not bother themselves with global problems, but will follow the path of least resistance. This will allow Gemini almost no health problems and do not expose your psyche to external influences. However, in this case, Gemini in February and March 2018 will be enough media personality, will get a lot of useful acquaintances and get on with ideas, which means that it will have many chances to increase its income, even taking a hard job.

In general, Gemini in the first half of the year will surrender to creative professions and opportunities to get rich, profitably manipulating financial means. Collective work will oppress the man of this sign of the Zodiac and in May or June 2018, he can simply lose the sense of his development, lose landmarks, which will be fatal for all spheres of this person's life. In this case, he can start taking alcohol or drugs. Fortunately, most Gemini will have clear guidelines, and, despite the obstacles, will achieve the desired, even doing not quite honest.

The meeting, which takes place in the summer of 2018, risks becoming fatal for a man born under the sign of Gemini. This person runs the risk of losing his head, because because of the desire to be close to the person in whom he is in love, he runs the risk of destroying relationships in his family, in the family of his loved one and giving up his oaths and obligations. Even despite all the recklessness of their actions, Gemini risks being happy, at least until the end of this year.

In autumn, Gemini should take a stricter attitude to their health. Even if nothing currently bothers this person, it is necessary to undergo a complete examination, because in the body the prerequisites for a serious disease are necessarily found. Diseases, especially the condition of bones and joints, can give information about yourself right now, and therefore urgent measures must be taken. In addition, the middle and end of the autumn is a very dangerous time for Gemini, when this person is at risk of serious injury or injury, which means that it is necessary to follow your actions more strictly and not to violate safety regulations.

In November and December 2018, Gemini should think about stability in all areas of his life. Perhaps it is worth finding conciliatory words and reuniting with the person you are dear to. In addition, the Gemini children will need more attention to themselves, who need not only your supplies and gifts, but also warmth, attention and participation in their lives.

Love Horoscope for 2018 Gemini

The extraordinary spirituality of the people of the Gemini sign from the first months of the coming 2018 will force them to look for a person who is close to them in spirit who fully understands them and supports them in all endeavors. Twins are creative people who need strong support and support, and it is this support Gemini and will look for in man.

By spring, those of the representatives of the Gemini sign who are dissatisfied with their family life and relationships with a close person will, if not destroy relationships, in every way provoke a partner, make him change for the sake of love and seek common interests with a twin. It's worth saying that such a fruitful work, if, of course, Twins will bring it to the end, will help them in many ways to establish relations with their beloved or beloved, and the life of two loving people will shine with new colors.

In the middle of summer, people born under the sign of Gemini, an incredibly pleasant surprise awaits in the form of the birth of a baby, consent to marriage or the wedding of two loving people. Lonely Gemini will feel an incredibly strong desire to seduce the opposite sex, but to do this, the Twins will be more likely to express themselves, in order to amuse their ego. Such a love game will not lead to good, and the Twins risk breaking many hearts. It should be accurate and honest with partners and not cause them mental pain, because people of the Gemini sign will all return to boomerang at the end of this year.

It will also be hot in September 2018. Many of the Gemini, especially women, can set out on a quest for a secure life, and without looking at feelings. Even married women can embrace this fever. All this risks spoiling the relationship in the family, because the Gemini, in case of treason, can not be avoided publicity. Women of this sign of the Zodiac will be presented as romantic lovers, fatal women who will break men's hearts. And a rare man will not succumb to their spell.

Therefore, at the end of the year such women have every chance to find what they were looking for, that is, security and prosperity. However, in the end, these ladies in the shower can remain alone, which will start to weigh them very much and in the very near future to start looking for someone who will warm their soul. Another feature of December 2018 will be the attraction of Gemini to their own child or to their parents. It will be just by the way, because Gemini's parents at this moment will need help, care and care, and the faithful Gemini will be able to give them everything they need and participate in the lives of people who are dear to them.

Horoscope of health for 2018 Gemini

Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac have from the first days to think about the consequences of their rampant life, which is already periodically affected by food poisoning. Twins can afford to take light narcotic substances, which can be addictive and also negatively affect the body.

People of this sign of the Zodiac in May or June should examine the liver and control the level of bilirubin in the blood, as there is a chance of getting jaundice or prerequisites for cirrhosis of the liver.

Autumn months are suitable for seriously tackling your figure and appearance. And, the stars are not advised to agree to plastic surgery, which can harm the body, and offer to focus on physical exercises. Morning jogging and physical education, even without visiting fitness clubs will help to strengthen the body and strengthen the spirit.
Horoscope career in 2018 Gemini

Representatives of the Gemini sign in the year Dogs will not seek to occupy all key positions. Nevertheless, the thirst for money is in these people's priority, and therefore they will be more drawn to posts that allow, without advertising themselves, to engage in small fraud. In the first half of the year, people of this sign of the Zodiac can make a career by engaging in trade, organizing sales or resale of goods and things.

Beginning in the summer of 2018, Gemini will become more mobile, and will strive to develop in the professions, allowing not to sit still, travel and communicate with customers. And so the ideal work for Gemini will be the company's sales representative, and will also attract their career as a diplomat. Some Gemini who do not have problems with money will not think about their careers at all, simply by burning their lives and having fun.

Financial horoscope for 2018 Gemini

Already from the first days of the coming 2018 representatives of the Gemini sign will look for any opportunity for earning, which does not imply the physical labor of this person. True, the desire to have everything at once can lead to very negative consequences. To ensure themselves financially, Gemini in the first half of the year can even make a marriage, in which there will be no room for feelings. True, such an alliance will be able to disintegrate in the fall, which will return Gemini to the same state of lack of money with the need to seek the opportunity to earn money.

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn will be very wasteful for Gemini. The possibility of a serious acquisition will force these people to look for an opportunity to borrow money or repay debts that debtors are not too quick to return.
Children's horoscope for 2018 Gemini

Quite capricious babies will appear in 2018, the little Gemini. These kids will be difficult to contact their peers, many of them will have fears, which means that parents should show maximum participation in the life of their child and help them to adapt socially to the world.

In the spring and summer, do not deceive your little Gemini, because during this period it is very easy to lose that connecting thread of trust that will be established between Gemini and parents. In addition, summer is also a dangerous period in terms of health. Young twins can often fall ill, especially in inclement weather and risk catching even pneumonia.

The last months of the year can be characterized by the retreat of adult Gemini children. They can get carried away by books and completely stop communicating with their peers. These children will very much need parental love and support.

Horoscope of travel for 2018 Gemini

People of this sign of the Zodiac are very bored by the exotic, and therefore they will be attracted only by something unexpected, then, in the future, can be flaunted in front of many friends, Gemini willingly agree to visit the African continent or Australia, visit Hawaii or South America.

True, not every Gemini can afford an expensive exotic journey, which means that many pilgrims will go to the unknown Kamchatka, the mountains of Turkey, to the Altai Territory and the Mongolian steppes. Gemini, in this sense, will greatly attract the cultures of peoples living in these territories, as well as their historical significance.
A special craving for travel Gemini will be marked in late summer and early autumn, and travel these people prefer on their own vehicles.
Wedding horoscope for 2018 Gemini

Quite capricious Gemini in 2018 will be very difficult to persuade to marriage and even if you can lure them into the registry office, it will be equally difficult to keep in marriage and maintain their interest in their person. Twins will be very demanding and picky, so the partner should be patient and have a multi-faceted creative nature, which attracts Gemini with his ideas and constantly supports interest in marriage.

People of this sign of the Zodiac are very inclined to betrayal, but jealousy and control can not be achieved out of loyalty, so a frank conversation will help dot the i's. Successful marriages with Gemini will be concluded in the middle of the year, namely in June and August. The first half of September is also suitable. It is extremely undesirable to plan marriage in October and November 2018, as well as in February.

Women's horoscope for 2018 Gemini

Women born under the sign Gemini will be categorical from the beginning of 2018 and intolerant of the weaknesses of other people, let alone the weaknesses of men. This woman will keep separate, but at the same time attract and charm the men who will fall into a real love trap.
The Gemini women themselves, by the spring or the beginning of summer, can change jobs to a more prestigious one. This will allow more time for the family and for oneself.

Summer is very suitable in order to seriously think about your own appearance and decide on doing sports in a fitness club or at home.
In the autumn months, women of this sign of the Zodiac should spend on strengthening their own weakened immunity, because ignoring the signals of the body, they risk serious illness. In addition, it is worth avoiding hard work and overexertion Last month of the year will please these women with an unexpected pleasant surprise.

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