Horoscope for 2019 on the signs of the zodiac and year of birth is a great opportunity to look into your future and find answers to questions that we constantly ask ourselves. On what step to decide, with what people to build business and personal relations, how not to spoil your destiny? Perhaps, these answers will not be direct, but only indirect, but they will become a hint for our further actions. It is possible that for someone the horoscope of 2019 is an opportunity to correct their mistakes and start a new life.


The cosmic energy and the arrangement of the stars in the sky always concealed within itself something extraordinary and beyond the reach of the human mind. Yet the man was able to see the secret signs that the stars sent him. One of the secret signs will be the coming year, which everyone is waiting with impatience. Everyone wants to know what life turns to expect. That is why the horoscope of 2019 for each of us is a kind of discovery.


But before we turn to the most important, let's remember the predecessor of the Dog, the Red Fiery Cock. He is not going to leave us yet, and it would be unfair not to give him credit. His rule can be called with full confidence wise and resolute. Somewhere he was freaky, somewhere nonsensical, and somewhere picky. Quiet and calm it just can not be called. That's why he's a Rooster to make a fuss. Probably, it is worth to forgive him all his absurdity, because after all his glory is too bright to so quickly extinct. On the night of February 16, 2019, he will solemnly bow to us for goodbye and fly away probably to where he will be waiting for a well-deserved rest, and only then will the Yellow Earth Dog begin its legitimate rule.


The dog itself is restless, can not sit still, forever it needs to be there, and here, something to smell, for someone to observe, to bark at someone, to scare someone off. It seems that we definitely will not rest.


However, do not panic ahead of time. The dog is still faithful, and will not leave its friends in trouble, but, on the contrary, will take under protection. That is why the forecast for 2019 for each sign of the zodiac is this:


matters of any importance and complexity can begin;

faithfully follow one's beliefs;

not to leave the intended path.


The dog will gladly support you in your endeavors.


Do not forget that the element of the Dog is the land, and she herself with nobility honors the good old traditions. Therefore, it is important in this year not to deviate from their principles and, if necessary, even fight for them.


Any change is not for the Earth Dog, she does not like and does not tolerate them. Yet for their wards, she will do everything so that they can live happily and well, and in the first place will help everyone to equip his home.


That's why she will clean up the whole winter, get rid of the chaos that left her freaky Cockerel. And rest assured that it will. By spring, the order will triumph. At this time, you can count on the fact that the yellow color, a kind of symbol of the year, will attract good luck in financial affairs. Who is hardworking and persevering, he can expect a promotion or find a more promising job. And who has worked diligently on something, will receive a reward. Oh, the Dog will take care of this.


The horoscope of 2019 predicts that the yellow color still symbolizes the energy of the Sun, which has a beneficial effect on man. That is why in the coming year everyone is told to enjoy life and smile. Even the melancholy can not avoid such an indisputable and cheerful decree of the supreme ruler of this year.


It is known that the Dog does not like luxury, she lacks a small but cozy place. This does not mean that she will wait for us from the same. It just will unselfishly happy for us if we surround ourselves with comfort, dressed in a beautiful new things and live their lives the way that we ourselves want, even on a large scale. So to restrain yourself in something is not worth it.


This year, we all want to be honest, friendly and unselfish. Do not be hypocritical, even in the face of your enemy or competitor, - The dog will not tolerate this. Its task is to provide us with complete security against various types of fraud.


The dog is very sociable, so this year you can meet interesting people who can become your true friends.


And everyone else this year will want to develop spiritually. However, it is worth remembering one important thing - do not waste your energy on meaningless plans. Everything should be carefully planned and weighed.


What awaits us in the business sphere?

As stated above, each of us who will try to achieve something, will certainly achieve this. However, the Dog wants us to approach our work creatively and with our soul. That's when we will succeed. Just need more imagination. Sometimes it's even funny.


If, for example, you work as a baker, why do not you try to make from your baking a real work of art - a cake in the form of a pirate island? And if you work as a cashier in a store, why do not you always say polite and rather pleasant words when you see the next buyer: "Hello, young lady!" Or "Goodbye, Captain Black Beard!" This will cause a smile and raise the mood not only for yourself buyer, but also to you. Is not it? Probably worth a try.


People of intellectual professions will be content:


an abundance of different perspectives;

interesting creative ideas;

and in general before them all roads will open.

It's important not to miss a chance. And most importantly, who has not yet acquired a business, the Dog will not remain on the sidelines to watch how lazy you are, and will quickly find a job for you.


Health and bad habits

As for health, few people will be exposed to various diseases this year. The dog will give each person a cheerful spirit and will temper, if it is required. It will only be necessary to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, for which she zealously advocates.


But as for bad habits - alcohol and alcohol, it is better not to indulge in this, otherwise you can anger the mistress of the year.


What awaits us in love?

The horoscope for 2019 in the love sphere promises us many joys and surprises. Those who have already acquired their family will be happy, and the free will soon find their soul mate. And this year will be fully saturated with meetings and meetings. So it's time to prepare. It is noteworthy that the Dog loves stability and moderation in the relationship, so a novel based not on fervent feelings, but on mutual trust, respect and affection affection has every chance of success.


It is possible that there will be many wedding ceremonies. A dog likes to be surrounded by love and care, so it will do so that people will surround the same. She intends to fight selflessly with longing and loneliness. And the alliances created in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog's rule will be strong and lasting. Children will be born healthy and happy and will find their place in life.


However, it must be borne in mind that the Dog does not tolerate too stubborn and snooty, and if you are unclear why you will rebel, your loved ones will turn against you. Be sure, the Dog will help them cool your fervor. So try to avoid conflicts, otherwise your family life will gradually come to naught.


Eastern horoscope for 2019 by year of birth

The horoscope for the upcoming year 2019 by the year of birth will reveal one big secret: first of all, the dogs born in the year will catch luck. In order for this to happen, you should throw all your strength to fulfill your desires, to show steadfastness and determination, and then everything will come to pass. And most importantly - do not miss the right moment, and the right moment the Dog will necessarily throw.


Snakes, Rabbits and Rats will have to work doubly, so that the Dog also gave them luck. They, in all likelihood, the patroness will want to check for strength the most. Do not disappoint her.

Rats should not be dishonest in their relationships with other people, otherwise the Dog will be very angry with them. That's why you need to behave according to moral principles and strive for creation.

Boars with the mistress of the year will get along, this is unquestionable. A year for them will pass quietly and calmly, and most importantly - without unnecessary fuss.

Pig with the Tigers The dog prepared many unexpected turns. They will be at the very epicenter of dizzying events that can radically change their future life. This should be prepared.

Monkeys, Dragons and Bulls will enjoy a quiet harbor. For them, there will come a period of appeasement and rethinking of their life priorities. Sometimes it's useful to relax and just watch life, like the shots on the TV screen. They will succeed.

The same calmness is prepared for the born in the year of the Horse and the Goat. It seems that they worked out enough in the past year. Now it's time to take care of yourself and your thoughts.

Roosters are prepared for a real shake-up. That's really who will ever even sit down, so it's him. But this is not all - there will be some important upheaval that will affect their future destiny.

For sure, this horoscope by the year of birth and the sign of the zodiac opened the veil of secrecy, what the Yellow Earth Dog is preparing for us in the coming year. One will seem that she can deprive them of her attention, while others will rejoice over what she will cook for them. However, it is important to consider one thing: in any case, the Dog expects from us well-considered actions, friendly attitude to people and maximum diligence. And if you follow these important rules, then your life in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog will become sunny and beneficial.

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