Horoscope for 2019 Libra: women and men

Horoscope for Libra for 2019 Dogs will clearly show to all, what will be the year to come for the sign of the zodiac. Libra is the only sign of the zodiac, representing an inanimate object. They are also the second sign of the elements of air. Representatives of this zodiac sign differ in their desire for harmony and beauty in everything that surrounds them.


They have a weakness for art, while they are endowed with good business acumen and persistent spirit. Scales are excellent diplomats and in all circumstances, strive to achieve the goal and defeat the opponents. They excel in the field of jurisprudence and law enforcement. A distinctive feature of representatives of this sign of the zodiac is loyalty, reliability and constancy.


So what the Yellow Dog prepared for the representatives of the air element can be learned by carefully reviewing the horoscope for 2019 (Libra).


Horoscope for Libra in 2019

Cockerel, as he could, cared about the peace and well-being of Libra, in every possible way helping and contributing to them in all spheres of life. Do not fall in the dirt face and patroness of 2019, the Dog, providing its protection of representatives of the air element.


The very first sphere of life in which you can feel the favor of the mistress of the year is financial. If you were afraid that you will no longer be able to enjoy financial benefits in the same way as in 2017 - you are grossly mistaken. March of 2019 is marked for Libra by a heavy shower of currency notes. You will be showered with a plentiful number of beneficial offers, negotiations will end with profitable deals, contracts will be signed, and work that was done earlier will start to bear good results.


In this situation, even the most resistant can start dizziness, what can we say about the emotional and impressionable Libra. But in this situation it will be very important to keep control and common sense, not succumbing to emotions, otherwise you will not be able to gain benefits if you can lose them. Another gift for Libra in 2019 from the most romantic time of the year - a sea of ​​love and adventure, in which Libra will have the opportunity to dive headlong. Love affairs can take away Libra far from reality, however, the choice to make all the same have to.


It will be very fruitful for 2019 for those who decide to acquire a family. The unions created this year will be very strong and happy, because the Dog honors traditions and loyalty. Those who are already married, astrologers advise buying strollers, and equip children's rooms, for the probability is very high that the stork has prepared for you a small surprise.


If you are one of those who do not dream of a baby, then send a powerful stream of saved energy to establish relationships with your family. After all, the Dog is a very devoted friend and appreciates the family hearth. In this case, you only need a wish, and the mistress of the year will tell you in every possible way what and when to do, the main thing - be careful. Yet the horoscope for 2019 for Libra warns the sign of the zodiac that difficult periods in life can not be avoided.


If spring and summer are carried through to the rhythm of family warmth, then in the beginning of autumn you have to work hard on working issues, because competitors do not doze, searching for insidious ways to overtake you and take your money. Libra will be useful to remember about his connections among the respectable people, because they can help, but only if you yourself turn to them.


The stars recommend to make the main efforts in the autumn months and work hard to glory, in order to go to the oceans in winter and get an excellent tan. In the middle of the year, the financial condition will become stable, but do not expect a large flow of money. Rather, you should figure out how to invest what you have earned earlier.


The beginning of the winter will depend on how you worked in the fall. The month of December will be relaxed and slow. Go on vacation and allow yourself a little more than usual. It will be good time for distant foreign trips. Positively perceive the dog and the desire of Libra look beautiful. The main thing, updating the wardrobe, know the measure, because modesty has not spoiled anyone yet.


At the end of 2019, when Libra decided to take stock, they will find that the year was a great success. In my personal life, everything is stable well. Lonely with the right arrangement of priorities will be able to acquire a couple, and those who are long together - finally decide to legitimize their union. Do not be afraid to ask for more than you have now, because the Dog is supportive of you, and maybe just waiting for instructions to take action.


Men-Libra horoscope for the year 2019

Horoscope for Male Libra for the Year of Dogs promises great profits and good luck. It's time to show your business acumen and earn good capital for later life, because your activity in 2019 is on top. Such a sharp rise in energy will be observed both among those who created their own business and people working in companies. The first half of the year will be generous for lucrative contracts and promising offers. In the summer, the stars are advised not to be afraid to make major purchases, such as a car or real estate. A good investment will be your own education in the future, it will help to manifest itself in different spheres of activity.


Luck will walk on the heels of Libra throughout the year 2019. It's time to get good acquaintances, and when making big deals do not forget to exchange numbers with people who in the long term may be useful to you. Sometimes, luck can replace minor troubles, but, as a whole, the picture will not spoil and the year will pass on the crest of a positive!


From the courageous representatives of Libra will require the manifestation of their most vividly expressed qualities, such as cunning, ingenuity and the ability to adjust to the current in order to jump out of it at the right time. This is necessary in order not to miss a chance to receive recognition from colleagues and a decent replenishment of their own budget.


Women-Libra horoscope for 2019

The horoscope for 2019 for Libra women is ambiguous and changeable. The stars say that the beginning of the year for the fair sex will not be as pleasant as we would like, because there is a high probability that everything will not be very good on the love front. But, applying your perseverance and natural gravitation to harmony, you can go through this period without heavy losses. Do not give in to the primary emotion to quit everything and leave, because giving a lot of accumulated energy and love, you can catch yourself thinking that you do not see any payoff and you can not get anything in return. This period must be waited, it will last for several months, and only after their expiration you will see that they have tried not in vain and that the light at the end of the tunnel still exists.


The second half of the year fully compensates for the failures of the first. You will have the opportunity to heal the wounds of the soul and restore the lost energy. Since the summer period, luck will not depart from Libra, not a single step, all the undertakings in 2019 will be successful, so do not be afraid to take the first step.


Lonely representatives of the fair sex will finally be able to find peace in the firm arms of the responsible man. We need to seriously take care of our physical and mental health, taking care of a full rest, the absence of which will make itself felt in the form of hysteria or exhaustion. The gentle nature of women Libra is not able to stay in suspense for a long time and without rest. Think about the trip to the sea or go to the spa salon. It is possible that the first half of 2019 will cause a serious psychological trauma, which will have to be restored throughout the autumn period.


Prognosis of health

The main thing about which it is worth remembering to the representatives of the air element is the preservation of enviable calm in any situation. Otherwise, you are guaranteed conflict situations, quarrels and, subsequently, a nervous breakdown. Also, special attention should be paid to their way of life, because emotional Libra is often difficult to fall asleep in time, refusing to wake up at night. Disregarding a healthy sleep, you run the risk of earning a migraine. It is possible that a headache will bother you for a long time. In that case, immediately consult a doctor. Astrologers strongly recommend showing activity, moving more, jogging, going to the pool or doing active sports. After all, this will not only strengthen the overall physical form, but also provide good immunity, which, Libra, is so often lacking.


Forecast of family life

For a long time, Libra may have an unpleasant feeling that they are ignored, do not understand and try to impose someone else's opinion. But, we hasten to warn you that this is absolutely wrong. Astrologers advise not to disregard compromises and direct their forces to a wave of reconciliation. Weights should use all their skills and talents to smooth out conflict situations and in all possible ways avoid disputes in the family circle. Do not let the problems go deep into your soul, because they are solved.


Many representatives of this sign are promised to move to a new house and major repairs. This will definitely add to the worries and will require a lot of your free time. Do not miss the opportunity to stay with close people and give them as much attention. An excellent way to consolidate a good relationship will be a joint trek or a trip to nature. Beware of everyday life and boring monotonous days.


Love Forecast

The love forecast for 2019 for Libra is quite comforting, but keep in mind that an unsettled life can spoil any relationship. A routine can easily destroy what you have been building for so long, if you just let it do it. Do not be afraid to pay attention and tell your loved one about your feelings. Libra, who are in a pair, waiting for a difficult period in family life. The dog will test your relationship for strength, to soon reward and reward all those who show the greatest endurance and patience. Do not sink and do not give yourself problems, enjoy life and set yourself up for positive, because in this case you will manage to avoid unpleasant situations.


Those who are in an active search for their half, the patroness of the year will give the opportunity to experience strong feelings, which are called love. Try not to succumb to your favorite business - doubts, because you risk missing a lot of opportunities just because you could not make a decision on time. Astrologers also pay attention to such a feature of Libra, as jealousy. She is able to destroy the warmest relations, so protect yourself and your mate from her and try to restrain your emotions without spilling them out on your loved one.


Forecast for business and career

Horoscope forecast for 2019 for the sign of the Zodiac Libra. Be attentive to the people who surround you and see that you are not alone. Just ask for help and support, and the team will gladly provide you with it. Do not blame everything on your shoulders. Try to avoid conflicts at work, this will not strengthen your positions in any way, but, rather, vice versa. Distribute the work evenly, without hitting it, and soon you will see the result of your work. The year is fruitful in order to replenish the reserves of its monetary depository, but for this it is worth keeping calm and cold prudence.


In general, you learned what awaits in 2019 those who were born under the sign of the Libra zodiac. The year promises to be fruitful both in the money issue and in the love sphere. The main thing that wants to wish Libra - to keep a clean mind and not to succumb to provocations, because in this case they are waiting for a lot of pleasant surprises and surprises.

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