Horoscope for 2019 Scorpio: women and men

Scorpions are people who are complex and often misunderstood by others. However, they have an incredible desire for life and all its manifestations. A person born under this sign has a solid core inside and a source of inexhaustible strength.


He has many plans, and therefore he will definitely be interested to know the forecast for 2019 for Scorpio. What will be remembered 365 calendar days? Does the forecast promise 2019 success for Scorpio? About what awaits you in the field of health, love, finances, career and relationships with relatives, you will learn in this article.


Health of Scorpio in 2019

During the year you will often come across a situation when the state of health will violate your plans and make you change the schedule not only for the coming day, but for a week or even a month. In the Year of the Dog 2019, astrologers advise Scorpio to show a little more attention to one's own body: watch out for its changes and signals that the body will feed. With this attitude to health, no sore will ever pass!


From the first days of January 2019 you can be knocked down by all sorts of psychological attacks from others. Stress and internal tension, can lead to diseases of the nervous system. This is followed by sleep disorders, decreased efficiency, apathy, loss of interest in life, headaches, drowsiness and many other unpleasant things that can stop the movement towards the goals set. What to do in this case? Learn to abstract from the situation: ignore biting phrases in your address, do not take everything happening to heart and do not hold resentment in the soul, then psychological problems will not bother you not only in winter, but throughout the year.


Horoscope for the Scorpions in 2019 warns: in the spring there is a great chance to start sneezing and itching, in other words, to become a hostage to allergies. Even if you have never been bothered by such a problem, it can suddenly appear. Be attentive and for the first anxious symptom, consult a doctor. Operative medical intervention will help you to recover quickly.


Summer is a customary for all period of holidays and travel to other countries. Astrologers call the Scorpions to extreme caution: do not rush to lean on exotic dishes. Something from tropical food can adversely affect the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Nobody wants to spend the whole vacation in bed?


In the autumn of 2019 you will be circumvented by all the typical diseases of this time of year. Neither the cold, nor the flu can not fight the strong immunity of Scorpio. However, there is a high probability of "picking up" the autumn melancholy. To feel happy and healthy, try to find for yourself an occupation that will fill you with energy. The stars portend success in any field. Open something for the soul. It can be yoga, meditation, sports and so on.


Scorpio's health will be in perfect order according to the horoscope's forecast for the scorpion for 2019 with the right inner mood and attention to all the needs of the body.


Love Forecast

Of course, we all want one in life, and Scorpio, who opened a horoscope for the Year of the Dog, will certainly pay attention to the point about love. In general, the horoscope forecast for the scorpion for 2019 is very comforting and even encouraging, although it will not do without difficulties. For scorpions of both sexes, we advise you to think about the feelings of your second half. Remember that treason gives only a short-term pleasure and brings with it more problems than joy. Those who have not yet found their soul, we recommend to continue searching and not be greedy for the first ones. And now let's move on to a more detailed horoscope.


Horoscope for women of scorpions for 2019

Representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio, whose heart is already occupied, throughout the year will tolerate various tests of the already established family harmony. The tension between you and the partner will grow from March to early June, that is, at the beginning of the summer, a hidden conflict can reach the point of apogee. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you need to learn to be gentle and supple. You can growl and need it, but only where it really is appropriate. Discuss with your man all that worries you. Astrologers, who made the forecast for the year 2019 for the Scorpions, are advised to conduct a conversation in the most tranquil environment: no reproaches and quarrels. So you can return the relationship to the usual course. End of the summer will please a pleasant pastime in the company of the second half. In the autumn, prepare for big and small surprises: take them from the partner with gratitude and love.


Lonely Scorpios, get ready for a passionate romantic adventure! The search for a man after a long time will finally justify all efforts. In the spring, expect a lot of romance and pleasant surprises. Summer shows how serious the intentions of your new partner. If this period goes smoothly, do not doubt: both autumn and winter you will spend in the status of a woman with an unfree heart. Astrologers advise to pay attention to Cancers, Pisces, Taurus and Aries.


Love horoscope for scorpions for 2019

The ardent Scorpios passion will want to change their passion! Flirtation is almost impossible to avoid, and the most reckless even decide on such a difficult step. Think and decide first of all for yourself how important your current relationship is. If you are so easily ready to trade stability for an instant rush, perhaps, just the wrong person is not right? Horoscope for the Scorpions in 2019 advises to resolve this issue before the summer, and then choose for themselves the appropriate tactics: strengthening relationships or finding a new partner.


March and April will be remembered as lonely Scorpios as months of love and fire! You can meet as a girl for one night, and a real strong partner in the future. Be more circumspect and choose a woman by purpose.


In general, the Year of the Dog and the planet Venus will patronize the Scorpions throughout all calendar days. Decide on the purpose and act! Just be more careful with your desires - in 2019 they will just come true.


Scorpio monetary horoscope for 2019

The main component of high and constantly increasing income in a year of friendly Dog will be teamwork. Do not try to take on all the obligations: it will only wear you out. Trust your colleagues, and then there will always be money in your pocket. Since the first days of work after the holidays, you can start to save money for any major purchase. Your well-being for all 365 days will meet all the requirements.


People of the zodiac sign Scorpio, who are interested in what awaits them in 2019, astrologers recommend in August to think about investing. It will be profitable to invest your own finances in real estate. Car, cottage, apartment - all this will bring you peace and joy.


October will be remembered by an interesting money adventure. You will have a chance to receive a large amount of money in a not quite legal way. This is a very risky undertaking, so think several times before you become a part of it. Check how reliable people surround you in this case.


November and December will be rich in a sudden profit: expect pleasant presents in an envelope from relatives and bonuses from superiors. Also, do not allow yourself to enter into a new year with debts: hand out all the loans and ask the debtors themselves to give the money. Such a step will become a guarantee of a good financial situation in the future.


Career Scorpio

As mentioned earlier, it is desirable to focus on collective creativity. Make sure that all duties are distributed fairly and reasonably. Astrologers warn: do not try to take on your shoulders as much as possible duties. Such a strategy will not make you richer, but will take more forces than you need. With a competent distribution of responsibilities as early as March, a horoscope for the representatives of the sign of Scorpio promises a serious increase in wages in 2019. It is the team approach to the business in the Year of the Dog that will help to obtain a stable large salary.


The stars promise a calm and measured work in their place: the increase expects only highly valuable employees in some narrow sphere. Also, the professionals of their business at the end of the year will have a chance to go to another city or country to work there. If the proposal is not urgent, think until 2019 and weigh all the pros and cons.


For the Scorpion bosses, rapprochement with subordinates will be useful. Sociable symbol of the year Dogs will patronize those who are ready to bring a friendly atmosphere to work: this will work more pleasantly for you and all subordinates. Having worked for the benefit of the team in winter and spring, you can reap the benefits of the new policy in the summer.


Relations with friends and family

Scorpions derive energy from other people, and therefore never are against new acquaintances. Very often this turns into a mental terror towards a new friend. For people of the sign Scorpio horoscope for the year Dogs promise to replenish the phone book. However, astrologers hasten to warn: do not attack a person and do not rush to entrust him with all the nooks of his own soul. Great fear is simply to lose a useful acquaintance: a person will be frightened by such a pressure and he will simply run away. Your salvation has always been and will be old friends. Someone, but they know exactly all your features and know how to communicate with you correctly. So the formula of close communication with other people for 2019 is quite simple and understandable: do not be too intrusive and do not forget about the tested people around you.


The family is your real home and a place of support and love. It is among the native people that Scorpio finds an outlet and understanding. The year of the dog will not bring any significant changes in the circle of relatives: everything will go as it did in 2017. Astrologers can only recommend that you do not tell the whole life of your relatives: some things can shock or deprive your loved ones of peace. Try to please your loved ones more and protect them from minor troubles in every possible way. In this case, you will always have a warm and cozy place, where you will always be accepted.


Horoscope for the smallest scorpions

Horoscope for 2019 is designed for babies born under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio. Your child has a very strong character and sometimes even can plug into the belt of any adult. In the coming year, he will be able to show the best aspects of his temperament, but without your support it will not be so easy. Little Scorpio can come up with anything, be patient and try not to resist the child's desires. Even if you had a section of sports in your plans, and the kid wants to play the piano, give him the will to choose his own hobby. Notice all the successes, even the smallest, and be sure to praise Scorpio. This will motivate new achievements.


Also, your child can bring news of the first love into the house. Do not worry about the youngster: he will not cross the line, but will only enjoy the first childhood feelings. At this stage, he needs moderate unobtrusive control and support. Be loving parents and try to understand and accept the child. Then the year of the Dog will be joyous not only for the little Scorpio, but for you.


It's time to sum up all of the above! Representatives of the constellation Scorpio horoscope for the year Dogs heralds a whole kaleidoscope of various events. You will succeed in almost any field. The most important thing is the correct attitude, self-confidence, control of feelings and attentiveness. In the year 2019, the dogs of the Scorpions will necessarily be at their best!

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