Horoscope for 2019 Taurus: women and men

Taurus are hardworking and very persistent people in achieving their goals. They are very fond of comfort and order, so they always have a cozy home. People born under the sign of the calf, though seemingly cold, are actually very gentle and friendly.


Despite some phlegmatic and skepticism, they still want to know their future. Therefore, they are interested in the horoscope for 2019 for Taurus. What awaits the people of this sign in the new year? Will they be successful in work, in love, in farm management and in family relationships? Success - that's what Taurus cares about first and if it works well in 2019, then it will definitely find it. The horoscope for the coming year is divided into spheres of life.


Health of the bull in 2019

Year of the dog promises for Taurus a high risk of diseases of the urinary system. With negligence and lack of prevention, the probability of acquiring such ailments as cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis is great. To prevent these diseases, it is sufficient to avoid hypothermia, lead a healthy lifestyle and undergo a medical examination on time.


The year 2019 can bring Taurus problems with the liver. To maintain your own health, we advise you not to abuse alcohol and fatty foods.


The health of Taurus in the year of the dog is especially affected by its bad habits. Smoking, alcohol or the most ordinary laziness can worsen and reach its peak. To ensure that from the horoscope on Taurus's health in 2019 only good predictions were realized, it is necessary to get rid of all bad habits. Year of the dog will be very successful in getting rid of addictions, so dare!


To the above harmful habits, you can add and excessive love of work, in other words, workaholism. Purposeful Taurus often forget about everything in work, and sometimes it transcends all boundaries. Try to keep balance and rest on time!


In general, the horoscope for calves in 2019 does not portend serious health problems. Virtually all ailments are easily avoided by observing simple rules. Do not forget to regularly undergo a full medical examination, eat fresh natural food and move more. Do not forget to look for balance in everything, because he leads a person to inner calmness and balance. Look at life with a smile, do not overload yourself with business and learn to rest and then the body will tell Taurus thanks and make you feel good! 2019 will give you a great start for a new happy and, most importantly, healthy life.


Love horoscope for the year of the dog for the bull


The horoscope for the coming year does not give Taurus promises of dizzying novels or ice-cold love adventures. Now is the most favorable period for, as they say in the people, "settle down", to find a quiet harbor in a quiet family life. Try very scrupulously to approach the issue of choosing a partner, do not rush to the neck of everyone you meet, even if in your life there has not been a second half for a long time. Open your heart for the best feelings that you can plunge into. Horoscope for 2019 for representatives of the sign Taurus, whose hearts are already occupied, predicts the usual and measured course of life. Your mutual love will only grow stronger over time.


Love horoscope for 2019 for men

It is known that a man born under the sign of Taurus, has a remarkable appeal and a manly beginning. It is difficult to resist the charm of such an intelligent and strong person, therefore there are always many women around the representatives of the sign of the earthly element. We advise you in the new 2019 to choose your partner carefully, the good is always, on whom to put an eye. Try to listen not only to the mind, but also the heart. Harmony in everything will lead you to happiness! Protect your passion if you have already found a soul mate, and do not skimp on gifts and compliments for her.


Love horoscope for 2019 for women

Lonely careerists - Taurus are more focused on their work than on their personal lives. In the whirlwind of events, do not forget that we all need love! Look around carefully: the Year of the Dog will bring you a reliable man who will greatly change your life. It is also very likely that the new partner will also become a loyal colleague in the conduct of business. Together, you can achieve even greater heights than individually. Married Taurus stars accompany in the creation of home comfort. If you are planning a pregnancy, now is the time to think seriously about children. This year will help in all good endeavors!


Monetary horoscope

If your star sign is Taurus, then the horoscope for the year of the dog promises you incredible luck and dizzying success! Money is one of the most important incentives for you, as it symbolizes stability, peace, comfort and security. Who, if not Taurus, will be able to earn, accumulate and increase his capital. Many famous Taurus have whole states. In support of these words, one can quote Mikhail Prokhorov.


In 2019, Taurus should continue to go to its goal and confidently move up the career ladder, albeit not as fast as you would like it to be. The pleasant news for Taurus will be that throughout the year representatives of this sign will not have significant problems with money. Despite this, you still need to monitor your income and expenses so as not to be in an unpleasant situation. In January, the stars do not advise Taurus to spend a lot of money and make large purchases. Do not become miser, but do not waste all your income. Money for life just enough, but serious purchases should be postponed until the summer or at least until the middle of spring. In May, be prepared for a sudden enrichment: you can get a large amount of money from your relatives or real estate. The forecast for 2019 for Taurus does not exclude bonuses from superiors.


As for investments in third-party projects, here you need to exercise maximum caution. Carefully study all the nuances and pitfalls: it is likely to simply lose your own money. Astrologers predict the success of investments and work in IT and in the service sector. Pay special attention to them.


If to generalize, the money from Taurus will be the whole year! It is important not to stop at work and be reasonable in your spending.


Career forecast for 2019


Work for the bull is not even the second, and often the first and only house. Representatives of this "horned" sign are very persistent in their work, ready to work on wear and tear to obtain the desired result. However, they will not work for free: Taurus knows its own worth and will never allow the employer to deceive himself. They can become the most valuable and productive employee in comfortable conditions. It is desperate diligence that will help the Taurus in the new year, however, as well as the rest of the time.


Owners of their own business stars promise a successful working year. After the New Year holidays and until the middle of the spring you do not expect anything unusual. Things will proceed fairly routine. This is actually good, because the horoscope for the year 2019 for the bull does not portend anything wrong in this period. After the May vacation, astrologers advise businessmen to go deeper into work, because in the summer your business will expect a sharp rise. Of course, it will bring a large amount of money. If you have people in your subordination, do not skimp on paying for their work: in the future it will pay off.


For people under the command of the boss, the stars also have a very positive outlook. All year you will be very successful and enthusiastic to fulfill all your duties. This will strengthen relations with colleagues and increase your credibility in the eyes of the boss. The perfect time for vacation is August. From October to December, expect a pleasant cash bonus. Its volume will depend solely on your efforts.


Taurus rarely has problems at work. Promotion on the career ladder is a standard course of life for them, and 2019 will be an excellent springboard for reaching new heights. Continue to work, and everything will come itself!


Friendship and relationships with relatives

Only time-tested people stay with you for a long time. If your star sign is Taurus, then you know exactly what waits for you in 2019: work, work, work (or any other sphere of life that completely absorbs you) ... It has always been so, and so few people manage to withstand frequent disappearance in their own hobbies. And at the same time, faithful and patient people acquire a real friend. Although your meetings are not so often, they are filled with warmth, joy and fun. Also Taurus is always ready to break from the spot and come to the rescue.


In 2019 astrologers advise you to always keep in mind one very wise proverb: an old friend is better than the new two. People who have been with you for a long time have already been tested by time, by sorrows, and by joys. New acquaintances, although they seem interesting, can bring a lot of pain. This does not mean that you should not make friends. Just be circumspect and do not open all your secrets before the first person in front. Many people want to take advantage of your kindness and disinterestedness. Especially it concerns colleagues and not the most reliable girlfriends. Protect your life and all that you value from bad people!


In a family circle, everything may not seem as smooth as we would like. The forecast for 2019 for Taurus says that the most difficult months may be November and March. However, all conflicts can be easily avoided: do not forget about relatives. Call or write to them, be interested in their affairs. Be sure to meet them on New Year's holidays, in May or in the summer. Try not to create conflict situations.


Children's horoscope for calf for 2019

Taurus are beautiful adorable babies. They are very trusting and curious, therefore it is very easy to deceive them. Despite this, your baby will be a great helper! He is always happy to make Mom and Dad happier. In 2019, your child will discover new horizons, and your main task is to support the baby in a difficult, but very interesting process of mastering the world.


The most important thing that you need to focus on first and foremost and what the horoscope recommends for Taurus in 2019 is the issue of child upbringing and safety. You need to talk with him about what kind of people you can trust and about the dangers of strangers on the street. Do not frighten Taurus, so that he does not take all the hostility, and try to be as laconic as possible and clearly explain to him the rules of safety. If you have already done so, do not be lazy to repeat your words.


Year of the dog is great for getting a pet. If your baby has long asked for a cat, doggie or any other living creature, decide on the purchase of a furry friend in 2019. Do not worry about caring for the pet. Your child will be very successful in this matter, and he will try to fulfill all his duties.


For teenage calves, the end of winter can be difficult. Carefully observe the mood of your child in order to come to the rescue in time. Do not meddle in the soul: just show that you are near.


July will be an excellent time for a trip to the summer camp: this month the child will be able to prove himself as much as possible.


We can safely say that the year of the dog will be very successful for Taurus. With work and finances, no problems are foreseen, health at the careful attitude towards it will not fail, and love will find the one who is looking for it. Now it's up to you. Compiled by astrologers horoscope for calves in 2019 gives you every chance of success.

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