Horoscope for 2019 Virgo: women and men

People born under the constellation Virgo, have punctuality, the ability to hear and listen, practicality and care. Usually they become valuable employees in work and excellent partners in marriage.


Also, a distinctive feature of this sign of the zodiac can be called a high desire for knowledge, and therefore they will be interested to read the forecast for 2019 for virgo. Life is an unpredictable thing, and I really want to know at least about what it will present in the near future. The forecast foretells Virgos as a whole a good year 2019, and more specific predictions in the areas you will read in this article.


Horoscope of health

In your life, if not everything is perfect, then at least constantly strive for this. The same can be said about health. In 2017, you have taken great care of yourself and your body, so in 2019 your body will thank you. Virgos literally burst into the new year, full of energy and emotions. Holidays do not compromise your health, but, on the contrary, will make it stronger. Just do not blossom! You get used to good quickly. In order to prolong the excellent state of health, try to return to sports and health-improving procedures as soon as possible. Especially effective for Dev will be adored by many representatives of this sign bath. If, however, there was no physical activity before the holidays, be sure to correct this misunderstanding.


In early spring, the risk of thyroid disorders in women increases, as a consequence - weight gain. But do not spread the panic ahead of time. Virgo as no one else knows their own organism, so the recipe for health will not be a revelation for you. Monitor the power and do not overeat. That's all! At an aggravation of problems and deterioration of state of health we advise immediately to go to the doctor.


Also astrologers, having compiled a horoscope for 2019 for Dev, give an installation for increased control of health in early August. The solar eclipse, expected on the seventh day, will cause a small malaise. At this time, do not postpone the consultation with a doctor. A timely visit to the medical office will significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


In general, the health problems in the year of the dog will almost bypass the representatives of the sign of the elements of the earth. Live joyfully and in harmony with the body simply! The main thing is to control your own health and prevent the first symptoms. Your health is only in your hands.


Love of Dev in 2019

Year of the dog will bring Virgo changes in the love sphere. They will be both positive and negative, so be prepared to take full advantage of all the gifts of fate! Remember your main virtues: prudence and calm. Be cool in the face of difficulties, then they will pass less painfully. Also do not shout about your happiness to the whole world, even if you really want to. Unkind people are everywhere - they can envy you and, albeit indirectly, destroy love.


Love Horoscope for Women Dev for 2019

If you are a woman of the zodiac sign Virgo, then you are probably interested in what awaits you in 2019. Throughout the year, representatives of this sign of the zodiac circle will be patronized by Venus. Your modesty and inaccessibility will drive not one man crazy, and the phone will be torn from constant messages and calls. In choosing a partner, the stars are advised to be more careful. Beautiful words will be said a lot, but only those who can prove love in deeds, really deserve you. And there is such a person! Expect love from May to July and take a closer look at representatives of such zodiac signs as Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer. You have every chance of creating strong relationships with them.


But there are also such Virgos, to whom the whole world is not sweet, but in the head only the image of one beloved. Most likely, you have not succeeded and are unlikely to enter into a romantic relationship with this man. You're just too different. Let go of the thought of him! On the horizon there is someone more worthy. This also applies to those Devs who are in destructive relationships. February will be an excellent month to decide on their development.


Married Virgo is more lucky: the family hearth, created by your efforts, will be strong and cozy. In September 2019, there will be a question about vacation. Agree to a trip to the sea without hesitation! It will bring magic to the relationship with your loved one.


Love horoscope for men Dev for 2019

Love horoscope for 2019 for men under the sign of the zodiac Virgo gives only one recommendation: listen to your heart. You yourself know which sphere is more important for you at this stage of your life. So maybe you should not waste yourself on frivolous attitudes to the detriment of a career? And, on the contrary, do not switch to other things if there is only one girl in your mind - get it! 2019 contributes to any endeavor, it is only wise to prioritize.


March will be dangerous in terms of working novels. Do not give in to the temptation of a beautiful colleague: kindly this connection will not end exactly.


Monetary horoscope for Virgins

The year of the dog will not leave you without finances: you will have enough money for everything you need. Including entertainment, self-care and other small pleasures. The money will be exactly as much as it takes. However, it will not be possible to save and save. The stars advise you not to borrow money as much as possible and not to make loans. Although payments seem to be insignificant at first, not only this year, but also subsequent ones, this loan will take a long time to "zakatsya" to you.


If your zodiac sign Virgo, a horoscope for the year of the dog promises Jupiter's trusteeship in the field of finance. This means that, perhaps, your income will go up the hill. At the same time, astrologers rush you to warn: from the end of February to the first of May, and also from the middle of September, you should not risk your own money. Do not make unjustified spending and do not invest your own money in any projects. It is better to think about how to increase the available capital in order to reap the fruits of your own labor next year.


The beginning of autumn and the middle of winter will pleasantly surprise by replenishment of a purse: expect an increase at work or a surprise from relatives. Also, there is a high probability that someone will return a long-standing debt, which you have long forgotten.


Career Forecast for Virgo

Horoscope for 2019 for people sign Virgo predicts that you will be extraordinarily bold and risky in the work. This behavior will help you to act more relaxed and bring new and successful aspects into your business. Be receptive to the help of colleagues: despite the strong internal energy, you yourself can not endure all the hardships. Working together for the common good will lead you not only to a previously conceived goal, but will also open new horizons, new opportunities. You'd better not waste yourself on several things at once. Orientation on one task or sphere will cause your rise and numerous victories.


Jupiter, which was already mentioned in the financial forecast, will precede all the career undertakings of Dev up to the beginning of November. This time will be excellent for getting into work with your head. The authorities can offer a vacant seat, and it will be promoted. However, in order to receive it, you will need to move to another office, or maybe to another city. If you decide on such changes, do not doubt the success: it will overtake you with almost one hundred percent probability.


Leaders, following the forecast for 2019 for Dev, should continue to act on a preplanned strategy. Until the fall of the work will go smoothly and, in time giving a motivation to the team, you can get a profit that exceeds the current salary of two or even three times. Do not be afraid to demand from your subordinates more: your strong team can and wants to work more. Do not forget about gratitude for work. It is not only bonuses and salary increases, but also joint "gatherings" and departures. In December, together with the team, you will celebrate the achievement of the goal. Do not skimp on kind words for them!


Also astrologers recommend as much as possible to get acquainted with people: a new friend will help in lifting business to a new level.


Relations with friends and family

The stars tell you: an old friend is better than the new two. The year of a friendly dog ​​will be favorable for establishing relationships with old friends. Try to let go of all the inner grievances and bring to a sincere conversation a man who has more than once rescued you in difficult situations. The right time for this will be January. Having adjusted relations with the checked up people, it is possible to be opened and to new acquaintances. August, September and December will be free in terms of work cases, you will have some free time - go to an event. It can be a concert or lecture of an interesting person. It's not so important that it will be, most importantly, that the topic intrigues you. At this event, the opportunity to meet your soul is great. Do not deny a person in communication or acquaintance. A chance meeting can bring you a new reliable friend. Circumstances can even develop in such a way that friendship will grow into something more.


In communicating with relatives a horoscope for 2019 for the sign of the zodiac Virgo advises you to treat your relatives more condescending. Do not condemn relatives for the life path that they chose, and then they will accept any of your decisions. You do not need to often meet with family if you do not want to. It's enough just to show concern and understanding. Year of the dog promises small family differences, but everything can be solved with love and absolute understanding. Bring the family what you want from her in return. And what will it be - quarrels with conflicts or joy with good, it's up to you.


Children's horoscope for maidens for 2019


Is your baby born under the sign of the Virgin? You are lucky: there will always be a real assistant nearby, which is unlikely to make you blush before a teacher in a kindergarten or at a parent's meeting. The child of this sign of the zodiac differs assiduity, polite treatment with adults and peers, perseverance. With proper upbringing and sufficient motivation, you can grow a successful and happy person.


If you have not yet sent the child to school, then the horoscope for Virgins for 2019 advises to develop in the child all the positive qualities. Virgo likes to get new knowledge: try to captivate the kid with something interesting. Maybe this is creativity or some kind of mathematical calculations - let the child try everything. At the end of the year, he can express his decision about doing something. Do not resist the inclinations of the baby! Help him in his hobby - this will be a fertile ground for further study.


Primary school pupils, born under the zodiac Virgo, will be given all subjects without much effort. Pay attention to how your child communicates with peers. If you see that the Virgin has no friends, gently hint to him that it is important to communicate with people as well as to learn. Talk to the schoolboy about friendship and its role in a person's life.


Astrologers advise the parents of teenage Devs in 2019 to try to get closer to the child. Perhaps the first school feelings or problems in dealing with teachers, the student wants to discuss with you. Do not press him, but show your willingness to listen and help. Then in June he will be able to lightly relax!


It's time to take stock. To people born under the sign of Virgo, a horoscope for the year of the dog promises the continuation of a rich, successful and stable life. In order for everything to be good in all spheres, you only need to be considerate and reasonable. And this does not take away from Dev, so that the year of the dog is simply bound to make you better.

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