Horoscope for October 2017 Virgo

In the third decade of October 2017, Venus will have a favorable effect on the development of newly born personal relationships in virgo. The second half will give you more signs of attention and reciprocate your feelings, which in turn will also become deeper and more serious. Many will start to think about marriage or cohabitation. Those Virgins who have long been in a relationship, the stars promise a lot of romance. Representatives of your zodiac sign will be so sensitive and emotional that they will always want to do something extraordinary for their spouse. And who does not like pleasant surprises and real actions? Lonely Virgos should wait until the third decade of the month is over, after which they can boldly make new acquaintances and relationships. The location of the planets at the end of October says that the Virgins need to rest more and merge with nature in order to understand their purpose, their mission in this life, to be charged with energy and positive that will help overcome all difficulties.

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