June 2019 Leo

In the second decade of June 2019, the Lions will have to focus their resources on the processes related to earnings. This is a good stage in order to strengthen the position of your business. All types of upgrades are welcome, but it is better not to touch on personnel changes. This is a great time for business trips and contracts with long-distance partners. Make decisions based on an instinctive understanding of what is happening. Now Pluto will give you the power to see and hear much more than usual. And most importantly - your ill-wishers (if they exist) will not understand this until it is too late for them. So concentrate and do what you need. Now you can successfully invest, and you can spend on a major acquisition. But better is not material.


The third decade of June 2019 for representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Leo will be the complete opposite of the previous stage. Now personal relationships will come to the fore and lonely Lions will feel especially good here. First, you will have a choice. Secondly, they will help you with advice, if in doubt. Thirdly, under certain circumstances you will be able to meet your true love, no more, no less. This is possible due to the unique location of the Moon, the energy of which will be favorable, although not dominant. That is why it is ideal to take a vacation specifically for this time and relax in all respects. As for Lviv family, the stars will give you a unique chance to transfer their relationship to a new level.

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